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What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI refers to the use of chatbots and other technologies to automate communication with customers or users. This can include simple tasks like customer service or more complex ones like sales or marketing. By automating these interactions, businesses can improve efficiency and free up employees to focus on more important tasks.

What are Conversation Designers? 

Companies around the world are looking for conversation designers. Conversation Designers are a rare breed of people that help companies advance communication between people and AI.

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I've been working as a Conversation Designer for about a year now and I wanted to learn more about training the model. So I did! Thanks Conversation Design Institute for the great course! Rick Witjes, ABN AMRO Bank
I thought that the course was succinct and excellently structured. Hans presents the pertinent information in a clearly digestible way and abundant use case examples are great at driving the points home. - Conversation Designer
I thoroughly enjoyed learning where I can improve the writing for our internal chatbot, especially in regards to the psychological aspects. I would absolutely recommend Conversation Design Institute’s courses. Tanja Veil, Conversational Copywriter at Swisscom

About CDI

The Conversation Design Institute was founded in 2018 by Hans van Dam and Olaf Igesz. They believed that recognizing, developing, and promoting the role of the conversation designer was crucial to advancing trust and communication between humans and AI Assistants.


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