• Format
    Certificate only
  • Time
    2 hour exam
  • Price
    $ 695,-

Perfect if you…

  • are a certified conversation designers that wants to learn more about the technology
  • have a background in customer service
  • have an interest in data-science
  • are a graduate exploring their big career move

Certificate only

Although highly recommended, it is not mandatory to complete the course before taking the exam. If you already completed your training or are confident enough in your skills, you can take the exam whenever you feel ready.

What you will get

  • iconCertificate
  • iconExam retake with 50% discount
  • iconAccess to community webinars and virtual meetups

Refresh your knowledge

Get the bundle! Follow a course and prove your knowledge with one of our accredited certificates.

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About our certificates

Good teams have the right balance of skill sets. Some team members are more technical and others are more creative. To develop successful AI Assistants, teams need Conversation Designers, Conversational Copywriters, and AI Trainers.

Our certificates are recognized by enterprises, universities, and technology companies. They tell managers that you have the required skill set and can onboard the team quickly.

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Frequently asked questions

If you don’t pass the final exam, you get personalized feedback and recommendations for further studying so you can request your certification again. Want to make sure you pass the exam with flying colours? Take a look at the Conversation Design Bundle which includes a free retake as well.

Absolutely, once you are certified you will receive an invitation to join the exclusive Conversation Design Institute community, where you can share insights, ask questions or discuss anything conversational.

Your certificate is valid for two years. To ensure the high standard of the CDI certificate, we require our certified designers to be up to speed on the latest developments.