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    Certificate only
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    75 minute exam
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    $ 695
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Perfect if you...

  • have multiple years of experience in the conversation design realm
  • completed workshops and training via our training partners
  • completed other courses of the Conversation Design Institute Academy

Certificate only

Although highly recommended, it is not mandatory to complete the course before taking the exam. If you already completed your training or are confident enough in your skills, you can take the exam whenever you feel ready.

What you will get

  • iconCertificate
  • iconExam retake with 50% discount
  • iconAccess to community webinars and virtual meetups

Prove your skills and get certified as a Conversational Copywriter


Our graduates by the numbers

Our community of graduates is creating AI Assistants that are collectively having more than 5 million conversations per day. With that growing impact comes a growing demand for AI Training, Conversation Design, and Conversational Copywriting.

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Where our graduates work

ABN Amro
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Talks with Lucy.

Now Conversation Designer for a fast-growth health tech company

CDI Conversation Designer Course Alumni

“I work for a fast-growth health tech company on their symptom checking chatbot. This course taught me how to do conversation design properly, and I was able to apply my new knowledge to improve our product. ”

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About our certificates

There are many skills required to build a succesful conversation design team. Some are more technical, some more creative. With multiple certificates, you ensure that your team can take on every conversational challenge.

All our certificates are recognized throughout the industry. It tells employers that you master the right skills for the right role.

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Career in Conversational AI

Companies all over the world are looking to increase the value of their conversational experiences. They need the technology and a team of experts to create their human-centric AI assistant. The demand for these roles will only continue to increase. In the next few years, over 5 million people will be working in this field.

At Conversation Design Institute you get trained and certified in these crucial roles. You can legitimate your new skill set with your proven certification and boost your career. This trusted certificate ensures quality across the industry so we can move forward together.

Frequently asked questions

If you don’t pass the final exam, you get personalized feedback and recommendations for further studying so you can request your certification again. Want to make sure you pass the exam with flying colours? Take a look at the Conversation Design Bundle which includes a free retake as well.

Certainly! Depending on the size and structure of your organization, it is certainly possible to have use of both certificates. We recommend opting for the Conversation Designer Bundle and getting your certificate. When you have that under your belt, you can continue by going for the Conversational Copywriter certificate.

Yes, of course. Your certification remains valid and only the name has changed, not the topics or requirements. If you’d like you can request an updated certificate via [email protected] so you can showcase it proudly.