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Tuesday, October 6th, Hans van Dam will be joined by Dr. Cameron Taylor and Clay Cardozo from Boost.ai


About this edition

In this session we will discuss leveraging data to test conversation design assumptions. Boost.ai empowers conversation designers to create successful and human-centric chatbots.  Cameron Taylor, UX Research Leader at Boost.ai, did his PhD in Linguistics at Cambridge. Cameron is specialized in human - computer interaction (HCI), product design and UX research.

Few discussion topics:

  • How the Boost.ai UX Research department uses data from virtual agent conversations to drive design decisions
  • Challenges that exist when making these decisions
  • Findings for questions such as:
    • Buttons vs free text
    • Impact of expressing doubt when there is low prediction certainty

If you're interested in how an easy to use conversational AI platform can help you design, deploy and manage chatbots at scale, make sure to join and say hi! 👋 

📆 Tuesday, 6th of October
🕣17:30 - 18:30 (GMT+2)

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Dr. Cameron Taylor
UX Research Lead

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More about our guests

Dr. Cameron Taylor,  UX Research Lead

Cameron holds a Doctorate of Linguistics from Cambridge University and has a deep understanding of the mechanics of language. He leads boost.ai’s interaction design strategy helping to better understand how to enhance communication and user experience via data-driven research.

Clay Cardozo, Strategic Partner Manager

With a background in financial services and UX design, Clay has dedicated his career to the study of human behavior and building bridges between intentions and actual results. He moved from Wall Street to Norway to expand boost.ai's reach through developing new strategies with its global partners.

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