The conversation designer

Companies around the world are looking for conversation designers, a rare breed of people that helps them advance communication between people and AI. Conversation designers have many backgrounds. The following articles will give you some insights into this relatively new role. 

What is a conversation designer?

There are many types of designers. There is not even a simple thing like a digital designer anymore. If you go on Linkedin, you will find interface designers, visual designers, experience designers, user experience designers, behavior designers, and many more. One type that is becoming increasingly more popular is the conversation designer. But what is it?

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5 skills conversation designers need to have

Conversation designers are in high demand on LinkedIn. Which skills define the conversation designer? Anyone with a keen pen and a knack for texting can become a bot creator. Whatever your handwriting, whatever your star sign, develop these 5 skills and you might grow out to be the next big thing in conversation design.

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What it takes to become a conversation designer

Conversational interfaces are hot. Every company is working on new exciting use cases and is exploring the latest technologies to engage with users in a conversational way. For years, companies have tried to improve the user experience and to make it easier for people to get jobs done. Now the technology is finally ready to engage with users through real and natural conversations: the Holy Grail of user experience.

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Why AI needs us: The non-engineers

There are many people like me. People that are interested in technology, but simply do not know how to code. It is tough to break into this industry. You have to discover what value you can bring to the table for tech companies. We are often short sighted and think that we have to be engineers... But nothing is less true. 

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Success stories from conversation designers

In the next few years, companies all over the world will be in need of conversation designers. Cindy recently became a certified conversation designer. Read all about her journey and how the Conversation Design Institute gave a boost to her career.

For multiple years, Cindy worked as a content writer and recently started to feel like she reached the ceiling of her job. Then she learned about conversation design, an exciting new field that is supposed to be the next big thing in content marketing. She got herself certified at the Conversation Design Institute and immediately landed the perfect job. Now she gets more appreciation than ever before, works with artificial intelligence, and has a job that is highly future proof.

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