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Bringing Voice To The Masses

Perhaps you remember that moment in the 1990s when the internet and email transitioned from things only computer science majors talked about, to...

AI: Make It Easier But Don’t Dumb It Down

AI: Listening And Understanding Are Key

Empathy is a word that gets thrown around a lot, but what do people mean when they say something like “you need to be more empathetic”?

The Conversation Design Festival is back for 2-days end of November!

May 2022 UPDATE: The 3rd Edition of the CD Festival is coming your way June 2022. Read more on our announcement blog here. Explore the 2nd Edition of the...

When It Comes To AI, Personality Is Everything

Inbenta Uses AI To Create Meaningful Chatbot Conversations

Online marketing, eCommerce, and call centre managers face some pretty tough challenges these days. 

Former Google Conversation Designer Explores Persona, Personality in Chatbot Writing

Conversation designer Jasper Klimbie focuses a spotlight on the incredibly wide range of backgrounds writers can bring to conversation design!

Converting Information Into Conversations Is The Mission At Kare

In the pre- and early Google Docs age, tech companies were focused on building platforms and developing AI. Within organizations, companies were...

Translation, Localization, And Conversational Design In a Multilingual World

Many forward-looking companies are embracing chatbots and working with skilled conversational designers to engage new markets.