Safe & secure enterprise CX in the age of AI

safe and secure enterprise CX in the age of AI

In case you missed out on our recent webinar hosted by Hans Van Dam with Thomas Kuruvilla and John F. Andersen from the Quiq team on the topic:

"Safe & secure enterprise CX in the age of AI", you can now catch up in our walkthrough where we summed up the main takeaways for you.

In this webinar, the focus was on the rising interest in harnessing AI to enhance customer service and overall experience within enterprises. The speakers dove into the intricacies of designing and testing AI assistants, addressing challenges such as hallucinations and optimizing language model performance. Throughout the discussion, they underscored the significance of enriching data, grasping customer context and intent, and adopting a more interactive and personalized approach to elevate customer experience.

Conversational design emerged as a pivotal tool in creating tailored experiences for users, with an emphasis on stakeholder management in AI deployment. The potential of employing multiple language models within AI assistants was highlighted, alongside the importance of analyzing chatbot conversations to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

The adoption of AI technology within enterprises has surged, particularly evident in the proliferation of live generative AI assistance across various use cases. However, challenges persist in building conversational AI assistants for customer experience, necessitating a focus on data quality and end-to-end testing.

Thomas and John picked up hallucinations in conversational AI as a crucial aspect, with emphasizing the need to address these at every stage of development to ensure accuracy. Language models were explored as a means to enhance conversation architecture, with insights shared on the role of "conversation architects" and the use of multiple LLMs for different tasks.

The efficiency of chatbot conversations was demonstrated, showcasing how language models can answer multiple questions simultaneously and iterate on responses for improvement. Moreover, the potential of language models to supplement knowledge gaps in customer service was discussed, along with strategies for maintaining brand tone and collaborating with stakeholders.

Despite the evolving landscape of conversation design, its relevance remains paramount, particularly in enterprise settings. Technical skills are becoming increasingly valuable in this domain, alongside an open perspective and a focus on question-thinking.

In conclusion, the webinar provided valuable insights into the evolving role of AI in customer service, highlighting best practices, challenges, and the potential for transformative impact within enterprises. Attendees were encouraged to explore further resources for onboarding and contact information.

The conversation wrapped up with lively Q&A session featuring all the questions from the audience.

Got curious? Watch the whole webinar below. 

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