The ultimate guide for design and implementing chatbots and voice assistants

You've learned the basics of conversational design and why the role of conversation designers is increasingly becoming more important. The following articles will share some of the best kept secrets.

How do you make a good chatbot or voice assistant?

Designers nowadays have to design conversations for all these different interfaces. How would you go about designing for multiple channels and interfaces? Does that not cause us to do a lot of double work, and how complicated is this? These are the main questions that we get from companies and designers from all over the world. Everyone is trying to figure out how to effectively design conversations.

In this article, we share the most useful secret to make a good chatbot or voice assistant for multiple channels.

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15 important steps to build a great chatbot

Chatbot or voice assistants, some of them are engaging and some are boring. Some help you solve problems and others just seem to create problems. How do you create and implement a good chatbot or voice assistant? One that people enjoy talking to, that helps users to get the job done. One that represents your brand and can carry a conversation in a natural and empathic way. This white paper shares the 15 most important steps.

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How to build customer relationships through conversation design in three steps

The people that we have a deep and meaningful relationship with, are the ones we care about. We trust them, listen to them, and forgive them when necessary.

Most people strive to create deep and meaningful relationships. And when you think about it, these relationships are often built upon shared experiences that are exciting, emotional, or stressful. So what can we learn from this in terms of conversation design?

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Conversation design best practices

People around the world are entering this new exciting field to help organizations develop human-centric conversational experiences for chatbots and voice assistants. Although the field is booming now, there are actually people that have been designing conversations for years.

Many of these experienced designers helped us develop course materials around conversation design. The following best practices have proven themselves again and again and they are being used by the best conversation design teams in the world.

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Important metrics for your chatbot

As conversation designers, we design the best we can. We follow the steps in the conversation design workflow. There is canvassing the user needs, sample dialogue, and validation through Wizard-of-Oz testing. We take that output and build it the best way that we can. Then it's time to go live. We want real users to interact with it and collect all sorts of data that hopefully helps us improve the experience.

But what are some of the metrics for your chatbot and voice assistant that you need to be looking for?

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