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Is ChatGPT a powerful tool for professional use?

So, you’ve heard about the new large language model (LLM), ChatGPT? It’s been tipped to take over humans in disciplines like content creation, customer services and even in healthcare roles.

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1 Year After The Launch Of Chat GPT: What Are LLM's Impact On Conversational AI?

In case you missed out on our amazing discussion this week on "1 Year After The Launch Of Chat GPT: What Are LLM's Impact On Conversational AI?", you can now...

Should Conversational User Interfaces Make Human 'Errors'?

In case you missed out this amazing session on "Should Conversational User Interfaces Make Human 'Errors'?", you can now explore our walkthrough where we...

Implementing better CX with Generative AI

In a recent webinar, Pernille Hansen explored the transformative potential of generative AI in enhancing customer experiences. The webinar, focused on better...

Using Chatbots: Where And When

Navigating the Conversational AI Landscape: Insights from Jasper Klimbie

Getting Started With Conversational AI Basics

The world of chatbots and conversational AI has come a long way, and with each passing day, it's getting more sophisticated and intelligent. In a recent...

NLU Design: Never ignore what your technology and users are telling you

Last week's expert class was presented by Stephen Broadhurst from HumanFirst ai, one of the partners that CDI work with closely. The webinar, NLU Design: ...

Hans van Dam, founder of Conversation Design Institute delivers world’s first ChatGPT generated TED Talk

CDI’s founder and chatbot expert Hans van Dam has delivered the world’s first TED Talk written by ChatGPT, the Large Language Model (LLM) created by OpenAI....

Five reasons why internal chatbots are good for your business.

We often associate chatbots with customer services departments and the ability to communicate with consumers, but increasingly they are also being used within...

Stop bloating your chatbot and turn it into one that customers love.

What’s the saying? “Nothing worthwhile comes easily.”