Introducing: The Conversational Engineering Course

Become an Expert in Conversational Engineering!

You are invited to be part of the first dedicated course for Conversational Engineers. 


"Engineers can give AI Assistants super powers, so it's important to understand how to build a future-proof infrastructure, connect with channels and backend systems, and responsibly manage your data."

Hans van Dam
Dean & Co-founder of Conversation Design Institute


What you will learn:

  • Conversational Platform Infrastructure
    What are the components of a production-ready Conversational Platform?
  • Conversational AI & Chatbots
    Explore Machine Learning & Automation tools - with a deep dive on NLU. (i.e. Dialogflow)
  • Conversation Data Management 
    Learn how to integrate conversational data in your existing storage solutions, including data lakes and warehouses. (i.e. snowflake, databricks)
  • CAI Platform Best Practices Do's and Don'ts of building your Conversational Platform. 
  • Business Side UI
    Enable your internal teams with dashboards & inboxes to be prepared & in control.

  • Measuring Conversational Success
    Everything about conversation analytics and sentiment analysis.
  • Business Systems Integrations Empower & Integrate your Conversational Platform into your existing business systems (i.e. Salesforce & Zendesk)
  • Channels Learn the features of leading conversational channels while exploring the limitations, UX and APIs.  (i.e. WhatsApp,  Messenger, Telegram)
  • The Future Conversational Stack Future-proof your platform with streaming and microservices.

Airy - The Open Source Conversational Platform

  • Airy's open source conversational platform helps you build cutting edge experiences. 
  • Store, structure and utilize conversational data in real time.
  • Use Airy to own your conversational data and relationships, for a future-proof conversational tech stack. 

About CDI

The Conversation Design Institute was founded in 2018 by Hans van Dam and Olaf Igesz. They believed that recognizing, developing, and promoting the role of the conversation designer was crucial to advancing trust and communication between humans and AI Assistants.


I've been working as a Conversation Designer for about a year now and I wanted to learn more about training the model. So I did! Thanks Conversation Design Institute for the great course! Rick Witjes, ABN AMRO Bank
I thought that the course was succinct and excellently structured. Hans presents the pertinent information in a clearly digestible way and abundant use case examples are great at driving the points home. - Conversation Designer
I thoroughly enjoyed learning where I can improve the writing for our internal chatbot, especially in regards to the psychological aspects. I would absolutely recommend Conversation Design Institute’s courses. Tanja Veil, Conversational Copywriter at Swisscom

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