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Select one of our certification bundles to get 12 months all-course access + 1 certificate exam. If you'd like more than one certificate, you can purchase additional exams separately.

CDI Individual Courses

These courses can be purchased separately for lifetime access.

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Partner courses

With our friends and partners, we develop and curate courses that are relevant to conversation designers and their stakeholders. Purchase a course once and get lifetime access.

  • Voiceflow & CDI

    Learn to design and prototype voice and chat experiences using Voiceflow’s prototyping platform and the CDI workflow.

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  • CxD for WhatsApp

    Learn the principles unique to designing for WhatsApp, as well as the fundamentals of good conversation design.

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  • The Voice Course

    This course teaches you how to create your voice strategy and voice design on platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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  • Botsociety

    Learn how to create, preview, test, and export your designs with Botsociety and earn your certification.

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  • QBox

    Learn how you can use QBox to test, understand and improve natural language processing at scale to get the most value out of QBox.

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  • Cognigy.AI

    Learn to successfully implement your own Conversational AI projects with Cognigy.AI. Master the basic concepts, and build your first Virtual Agent.

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About our extras

In addition to our course materials and certification programs, in some of the learning packages you will find exclusive extras. Here are some of the highlights.

Expert classes

Join virtual live sessions with leading experts from around the world, and get the insider’s view on creating AI Assistants. With this diverse group of experts, you can ask questions, connect with other students, and always learn the latest.

Live events

Get discounts on all CDI live events. This includes our bi-annual Conversation Design Festival, as well as other virtual events.

Alumni network

CDI Alumni are spread around the world and work at all kinds of organizations. You will find a welcoming community that is always ready to support you in your journey and guide you to the next phase in your career. Connect, share insights, ask questions, access the international job board, and get access to special alumni perks and discounts.

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Michelle Parayil
Michelle Parayil
Senior Conversation Designer
Francesco Palma
Francesco Palma
Conversational AI
Austin Bedford
Austin Bedford
UX Designer & Conversation Designer
Steophen Lee
Steophen Lee
Principal Design Innovation Manager
David Berkley
David Berkley
Digital Copywriter
Tobias Ditzer
Tobias Ditzer
IT Solutions Architect

Our graduates by the numbers

Our community of graduates is creating AI Assistants that are collectively having more than 5 million conversations per day. With that growing impact comes a growing demand for AI Training, Conversation Design, and Conversational Copywriting.

Active learners
Work in a Conversation Design related function
Open vacancies

Where our graduates work

ABN Amro
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

About our certificates

Good teams have the right balance of skill sets. Some team members are more technical and others are more creative. To develop successful AI Assistants, teams need Conversation Designers, Conversational Copywriters, and AI Trainers. The Conversation Design Institute has certificates for each role.

These certificates are recognized by enterprises, universities, and technology companies. Their value has proven itself around the world and it tells managers and product owners that you know how to make chatbots and voice assistants successful.

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