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Build winning conversational AI teams

Create a successful team that delivers inclusive, human-centric AI Assistants at scale. Train employees in strategy, conversation design, and development for chatbots and voice assistants. High quality e-learning programs and live sessions help unlock the potential of your team members.

  • Unlock the potential of your team
  • Grow skills with high quality e-learning programs
  • Get CDI certifications

Accelerate team development

From skills-based training to deep training, CDI Learning for Business delivers what you need, regardless of your size, budget, or current skill level.

Every organization has the same goal when it comes to conversational AI. You want to automate lots of conversations and deliver people a great experience. But how do you get there?

Assess AI

CDI assesses the state of your current AI Assistant.

Develop learning roadmap

Learn which skills need to be developed first and which can be added later.

What your journey might look like

Take the clear path forward

Find team members

Every organization has the same goal when it comes to conversational AI.

Develop your team

Have your team learn through self-paced courses, coaching sessions and workshops.

Grow your team

Adopt the CDI workflow and onboard new team members faster to grow your team.

Scale standards

Develop a playbook to integrate external parties quicker and scale products faster.

CDI is a key partner that has trained our conversation design teams around the world, and helped us put design at the heart of customer experience. They are central to everything we do.

Gemma Alvarez Global Product Owner AI Chatbot TOBi, Vodafone

Work with our CDI Learning for Business package

Get the best out of your team with tailor-made solutions

Self-paced learning

CDI courses

CxD courses created around the proven CDI workflow

Technology courses

Technology courses created in partnership with major conversational Al platforms

Expert theory courses

Expert theory courses created in partnership with industry leaders in our network

Live learning

Expert classes

Expert classes where students can engage with industry experts and ask questions about a specific topic

Office hours

Office Hours where students can ask CxD experts anything, or learn from others' questions


Consulting with CxD experts on your projects


Workshops just for your team

Assessment & Certification


Assessments to source and screen potential team members


Certifications for your teams to ensure quality and consistency across different roles

Auditing & Benchmarking

Integral assessment

Integral assessment of your assistant, organizational systems, technology, and more


Benchmarking of your operation against industry leaders

Customized learning strategy

Customized learning strategy to ensure you deliver high quality assistants consistently

Why choose CDI’s Learning for Business program?

01 Better designers

Better designers create better AI Assistants

02 Certified

CDI Certificates ensure quality within the organization

03 Standardized workflows

Standardized workflows make it easier to onboard new members and scale teams

04 Alumni network

Connect with our growing CDI alumni network and find new team members

05 CDI assessments

CDI Assessments better identify and screen potential team members

Frequently asked questions

Learning for Business is an educational offering that helps enterprises create and train teams to successfully deliver human-centric AI Assistants at scale. High quality e-learning programs, live sessions, and coaching help unlock the potential of your team members. Our courses train your team on implementing best practices and recognized design standards.

CDI Services is a consulting firm that actively helps enterprises in the creation of human-centric AI Assistants like chatbots or voice assistants. Learning for Business is an educational offering focused on empowering organizations to develop the necessary capabilities to create AI Assistants themselves. Simply put, CDIS does it for you, and Learning for Business teaches you how to do it yourself.

Organizations that want to create AI Assistants themselves use Learning for Business for the following: training their current team with a focus on best practices and recognized design standards, sourcing new team members, getting feedback on their work, making use of office hours and coaching sessions to grow into an operation that can deliver human-centric AI experiences at scale.

Upgrade your company with CDI Learning for Business

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