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The Conversation Design Institute provides training and certification in AI strategy, design, workflow alignment and development for chatbots and voice assistants. Our courses are trusted by thousands of businesses and teams throughout the World to help them create more human-centric AI assistants that reduce operational costs and deliver a better service to their customers.


Which courses are best for your team

At the Conversation Design Institute we offer a range of courses for managers, AI trainers and content creators. To find out which course is best for your team watch the latest video from our CEO, Hans van Dam.

Work with us to improve the quality of your customer experience

CDI works with companies who are looking to automate processes and provide excellent customer experiences. By using conversational AI we unify both automation and experience goals to deliver measurable results and improved operational performance.


Over 200 global enterprises rely on CDI

Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Why conversational design training is so important

Since 2020 there has been an 88% increase in the use of AI technologies in customer services environments which is helping to drive down costs and increase productivity and efficiency
Research has shown that 59% of customers now prefer to use self-service tools like chatbots and voice assistants as they can resolve their problems more quickly
18 months
Over the next 18 months, there will be a dramatic increase in the use of Chatbot technology to deliver customer support services, boost customer engagement and help organizations with their internal communications

Why work with CDI

  • Experience
    Over 10 years experience in conversational design projects
  • Our clients
    Used by Fortune 500 companies across the globe
  • Knowledge
    Market-leading knowledge and experience on all sizes of project
  • Community
    Over 7000 CxD professionals trained to date
  • Relationships
    Key relationships with industry leaders
  • Return on investment
    Proven standards and principles which deliver measurable ROI
  • Innovation
    Always ahead of industry challenges and innovation

Results delivered

CDI has provided training for teams in a range of industries, including Telco, Energy, Finance, and others. The training has been tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each industry, and the results have been impressive. Here is a summary of the improvements that our clients have reported to us:

How conversational AI can impact your business

  • Reduce response times from minutes to seconds
  • Increase margins by reducing operational costs
  • Deliver a consistent customer experience
  • Improve efficiency with a proven set of processes and common language

Improve your AI Assistant


FREE benchmarking of your AI Assistant

CDI will benchmark your AI Assistant against 50+ design patterns and provide feedback on how to make your Assistant more valuable for both your customers and your organization.

  • Sign up and fill out the form
  • CDI benchmarks it against proven design patterns
  • CDI presents a report with actionable insights

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How your business will benefit

  • Deliver winning AI assistants with the CDI Strategy Framework
  • Discover use cases for both customers and employees
  • Learn which technology you need to deploy successful assistants
  • Understand how you can start leveraging new technologies like ChatGPT and other large language models
  • Understand customer needs and mindset
  • Discover the most natural flow of a conversation
  • Design human-centric, inclusive, and empathetic assistants from the start
  • Train your language models in a smart and scalable way
  • Connect your assistant with the right channels and back end systems
  • Get insights from data that help you improve your assistant quickly

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Frequently asked questions

At Conversation Design Institute we provide a range of courses for both managers and practitioners, from Conversation Designers to AI Trainers.

The right course depends on the goals of your organization and the areas that you are currently lacking.

We offer 3 main routes with our core courses, Conversation Designer, Conversation Copywriter and AI Trainer.

The Conversation Designer course covers the fundamentals and is right for anyone designing dialogues. The AI trainer is more focused on anyone working on the technical aspects of your AI Assistant.

We recommend each team has a mixture of roles and with our all-access package you will receive all 3 of our core courses ensuring your team has all the skills needed to build human-centric conversations.

If you are unsure which course is right for you please contact our support team at [email protected].

Our All Access Package includes over 140 hours of video, learning tools, quizzes and worksheets.

The certification bundle includes all our core courses, as well as access to specialist expert classes held regularly. You will also receive tickets to our Conversation Design Festival, a yearly event with workshops and masterclasses delivered by top industry professionals from around the globe.

On average, courses will take between 3 to 6 months though our fast track package can help to accelerate the learning process and improve results. This means your team can ensure your chatbot or voice assistants start to deliver better results faster.

All of our courses are delivered fully online meaning that your team can study in their own time and go back over the information when they need to.

It also allows us to share progress reports and give students access to additional resources as they are created.

Our training is technology agnostic, so whatever solution your company is using or planning to use in the future our courses will help your team design better conversations and deliver better outcomes for your organization.

If you need additional advice and support with choosing and implementing the right technology you can contact our client services team who will be happy to help - [email protected]

Certifications for your team ensure that the recognized industry standards are met. Our certification also gives you the confidence that everyone in your team is trained to the highest levels and offers maximum return on your investment.

Our founders are recognized as industry experts in conversational AI. We offer workshops and we can create bespoke courses for organizations with specific requirements that can be delivered in person or via video conferencing.

Our team are experts in conversation design. Our experience includes financial services, telecoms, IT, hospitality, retail, medical, human resources, defence and many others. The CDI client services team have created a series of case studies from various industries that we have worked in.

If you would like to talk to a member of the team please email [email protected] or complete the contact us form and give us your company name and direct dial.