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White Paper Downloads & Additional Courses

Find a range of white papers that are available for download as well as additional courses you can enroll into. Understand various issues dealing with Conversation Design, such as how companies can benefit CxD, steps to building a great Chatbot, taking your career to the next level and more!

WP - why company benefits from CD

Why Every Company Benefits from a Conversation Designer

Conversation Design is here to stay. Every organization that invests in AI Assistants will have to invest in conversation design or they won't be able to successfully deploy and use them.

WP - important steps build chatbot

15 Important Steps to Build a Great Chatbot

You have experimented with chatbots and voice assistants. Some are engaging while others just create problems, some help you and others don't. You found a platform that can easily create an AI Assistant so you can push the tech live within minutes.

WP - how take your career to next level

How to take your career as a UX writer to the next level

As a UX-writer, you have a strong advantage when entering the world of conversation design. Our proven workflow and defined roles within the conversation design team show that UX-writers are the ones with the highest potential to seamlessly migrate towards this new and exciting field. 

WP - how cdi have impact on business

How Conversation Design will have an Immediate Impact on your Business and Customers

A good conversation design team is important to the success of AI Assistants. 

Usecase - vodafone

How Vodafone Trained & Certified more than 100 Conversation Designers

Vodafone worked with the Conversation Design Institute to train and certify employees on a new AI assistant they plan on having to automate 85% of customer conversations.

Usecase - cindy

How the Conversation Design Institute gave a Boost to My Career

Cindy felt like she hit the ceiling of her job. She got herself certified for a new field, Conversation Design, and now has a more satisfying job with more appreciation than before.

Conversation Design toolkit

Conversation Design Toolkit

The Conversation Design Toolkit will help you design better conversations.  Use the workflow to create a smooth & scalable AI Assistant and receive different canvases for each phase of your project.




Learn proven principles to help you create better
experiences for chatbots, voice assistants, robots, and
the meta-verse.  Join the #1 Conversational AI
community today! 


Designing Conversations with Voiceflow & CDI

Learn to create voice, chat, and multi-modal assistants inside Voiceflow’s prototyping tool. Build and scale your first experience while following the CDI workflow.

Conversational Enginner

Conversational Engineer 

Learn the  Do's and Don'ts of building your Conversational Platform. Integrate and empower your Conversational Platform into your existing business systems. Become an expert in Conversational Engineering!

CDI Course Syllabi 

Download the course syllabus to any 3 of our CDI bundled courses to find out the learning material for the course, more information about your instructors, reviews from our alumni, and more! 


Conversation Designer Course Syllabus

See the possibilities of what a Conversation Designer can do! Become familiar with the course material, your instructors, and more!


Conversational Copywriter Course Syllabus 

The Conversational Copywriter turns words into dialogue. Working together closely with the AI Trainer & Conversation Designer, look over all the information you'll learn in this course.


AI Trainer Course Syllabus

An AI Trainer takes human-centric designs from team members and implements them in the Assistant. They add training phrases which help the assistant serve the right dialogue action. 

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