The first annual Conversation Design Festival!

Organizations around the world are looking to automate conversations. We celebrate the people that help them do this. They are the ones to unlock the potential of conversational AI technologies.

At this festival, you will learn from AI Trainers, Conversation Designers, and Conversational Copywriters. They will share their learning journeys and enterprise experiences.

You will get practical advice on deploying, designing, and optimizing AI Assistants like chatbots and voice assistants. Experts working in banking, retail, telecommunication, and government will share their story of how they made their projects successful - and what they look for when hiring.

During the Conversation Design Festival, you will

  • Learn from the best and brightest in conversation design and AI training
  • Learn from enterprise and how they manage projects and grow their team
  • Learn about AI ethics, inclusivity, and data philosophy
  • Learn how to advance your career in conversation design
  • Potentially meet your future employer or employee
  • Celebrate and honor conversation design with the annual industry award ceremony
  • Get jiggy at the annual Graduation Party for students at Conversation Design Institute!

At the festival, you will meet like-minded people that are happy to help you with design, technology, research, hiring, and other topics related to Conversational AI.

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Speakers include:

  • Cami Rincón, Research Assistant in Public Sector AI Ethics and Governance, The Alan Turing Institute
  • Greg Bennett, Conversation Design Principal, Salesforce
  • Phil Harvey, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Research, Autonomous Systems Architect
  • Lisa Talia Moretti, Digital Sociologist, Ministry of Justice UK / Associate Lecturer, Goldsmiths / University of London
  • Elisabeth Stokoe, Professor of Social Interaction, Loughborough University
  • Joti Balani, Founder, Freshriver / Co-Founder Women in Voice New Jersey
  • Jon Stine, Executive Director, The Open Voice Network
  • Dexter Zavalza, Conversational UX Design Lead, Deloitte Consulting
  • Hans van Dam, Dean & Co-Founder, Conversation Design Institute
  • Jason Gilbert, Character Designer, Intuition Robotics
  • Maarten Lens Fitzgerald, Founder and Director, Project Zilver / Author of Voice: the conversational revolution: insights & opportunities
  • Mark Boutros, Senior Conversation Designer, Conversation Design Institute / International Emmy nominated screenwriter / Senior Content Designer UX, Babylon Health
  • Braden Ream, CEO, Voiceflow
  • Shnay Chohan, Senior AI Product Manager | Digital Technology, NatWest Group

More names to be announced!

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Conversation Design Awards

We need to honor and celebrate the best and brightest. The advisory board of CDI foundation is currently developing the standards by which AI Assistants are measured. These criteria will be shared as soon as possible.

There will be categories for

  • Best fundamentals
  • Best AI Training
  • Best transactional journey
  • Best personality
  • Best chatbot experience
  • Best voice experience
  • Best service assistant
  • Best marketing assistant
  • Most innovative journey
  • Most impactful AI Assistant
  • Best indie developer
  • Best media assistant

This award show is hosted by Hans & The Botman and kicks off the Graduation Party.


Come join us and all of our students on the 15th of June, celebrate, become inspired and meet our partners in crime during the conversation design conference of the year!