Learn How to Win at Conversational AI at the CDI Festival

December 2022 UPDATE: The 4th Edition of the CxD Festival "Make AI Speak Human" is coming your way in January 2023. Read more on our announcement blog here.

The third iteration of CDI Festival is a must-attend event for anyone working and winning in Conversational AI.

Whether you’re at the startup or enterprise level, an entry-level or experienced practitioner - this two day conference brings together people who are passionate about building better chatbots & AI with cutting edge technology!

This time, the organization of the Festival will be run by the CDI Foundation.

What is the CDI Foundation?

The CDI Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing standards for the conversational AI community. CDIF engages with industry stakeholders to create opportunities that will better allow people to enter the field of work, as well as establish alignment among those currently involved in these pursuits.

The 3rd Iteration of the CDI Festival

How to Win at Conversational AI will be a 2-day virtual event for the EMEA & APAC region #ConversationalAI community and organizations looking to up their RPA operation.  

Don’t wait to secure your ticket! We have 2 methods in which you are able to purchase, Hopin (pay by CC) or  Eventbrite (alternate payment forms)  

What to Expect at the “How to Win at Conversational AI” Festival 

Learn How to Win at Conversational AI, by diving deep into current trends with industry experts.  Experience Keynotes and interactive workshops where you’ll receive practical knowledge and get hand-on training from relevant use cases. 

The Festival will include: 

  • An overview of the Conversational AI Industry 
  • Interactive workshops with relevant use cases 
  • Networking opportunities with experts in the CAI space 
  • Q&A with Speakers 
  • Entertainment & Awards 

And more! 

Speakers Include: 

  • Falene McKenna, Developer, Intuition Robotics 
  • Romano Chandansingh, Conversational AI Designer, Vodafone Group 
  • Braden Ream, CEO, Voiceflow
  • William Kearns, Machine Learning Manager, Headspace Health 
  • Hans van Dam, CEO, Conversation Design Institute 
  • Paul Leeuwis, Managing Partner, Conversation Design Institute 
  • Skander Garroum, Co-founder, Airy 
  • Elissa Tikalsky, Senior Chatbot CX Designer at Zendesk 
  • Austin Lacey, Manager, Chatbot Operations at Zendesk
  • Martin Hill-Wilson, Emotive CX Mentor, Owner, at Brainfood Consulting 
  • Brian Smith, Senior ProductManager, Conversational AI at Intuit
  • Guy Gadney, CEO, Charisma Entertainment

More names to be announced! 

Festival 3 - Group card 3

Agenda - CDI Festival: How to Win at Conversational AI 

Day 1 (Tuesday, June 28th) of this 2-day virtual event will serve as the Main Event, featuring Keynotes, panel discussions, and fireside chats, from some prominent voices within the industry. 

Followed by Day 2 (Wednesday June 29th) serving as the Workshop day which will leading companies hosting interactive workshops.  

June 28th (9.00 - 21.25 CET): Keynotes, Panel discussions, fireside chats, awards 

June 29th (14.00 - 21.30 CET): Interactive workshops 

See all the speakers and topics in our Agenda! 

Join the #1 Conversational AI Community! 

The Conversational AI community is rapidly growing and luckily we have created a space for all of us who share this passion to come together! 

Become a part of the world’s #1 Conversational AI Community to have access to all Festival recordings, both past & future.  Our first two festivals have a combined 30+ hours of engaging content from 40+ speakers! 

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity, and as an added bonus: get access to 2 free courses! 

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Want to Speak or be an official Supporter at the CDI Festival: How to Win at Conversational AI? 

The CDI Festival combines a global community that shares a common goal - creating human-centric chatbots and voice assistants. We are expecting a great turnout, similar to our last two festivals with 700+ attendees spanning 30+ countries.  

Speakers & Supporters have a fantastic opportunity to interact with many bright & talented attendees (and other participants) working the front lines of trying to make a users experience with Conversational AI technology greater.  

If you are interested in participating as a speaker or have a colleague you believe would like an opportunity, please reach out to us. 

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Interested in becoming an Official Supporter? 

Become a member of the CDI Foundation to sponsor any and all projects beginning with the How to Win at Conversational AI! 

Learn How to Win at Conversational AI with the CDI Foundation! 

Join us on Tuesday, June 28th, & Wednesday June 29th, 2022 to dive into Conversational AI! Discussing the latest advancements & improvements with the technologies that are centered on allowing us as humans to talk and interact with AI. 

The festival is a great resource to expand your personal knowledge surrounding Conversational AI, which in turn can help your team or enhance your personal project process. Don’t miss this great networking opportunity and the chance to learn more about all the news things our institute has planned for the community - sign up today! 

December 2022 UPDATE: The 4th Edition of the CxD Festival "Make AI Speak Human" is coming your way in January 2023. Read more on our announcement blog here.