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Perfect if you…

  • Are just starting out in conversation design and want to get your feet wet
  • Have some experience in CxD and want to level up your knowledge
  • Are interested in Voiceflow and want to achieve a foundational understanding of the core features and functionalities
  • Want hands-on experience working with Voiceflow’s prototyping tool
  • Want to learn how to incorporate Voiceflow as your prototyping tool while following the CDI workflow

What you will learn

  • The foundations of conversation design as an industry, a profession, and a skillset
  • How to create voice, chat, and multi-modal assistants in Voiceflow while following the CDI workflow
  • How to build engaging conversations across the channels you care about
  • How to navigate Voiceflow’s drag-and-drop canvas, as well as its steps and functionality relative to conversation design best practices and working on a conversational AI team
  • How to build and scale your first experience in Voiceflow through designing, prototyping, documentation, and export/launch

Note: This course will be updated regularly to reflect the latest features in the Voiceflow canvas.

What you will get

  • Lifetime access to this Voiceflow + CDI course
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to the CDI alumni network and invites to virtual events

What is Voiceflow?

Voiceflow is a collaborative tool for conversational AI teams to design, prototype, and launch assistants. A drag-and-drop visual canvas, 1:1 prototyping, and one-click publishing alongside a robust Dialog Manager API make Voiceflow the go-to for more than 90,000 conversational AI teams around the world. Conversation designers, AI trainers, product managers, and developers all collaborate in Voiceflow to launch experiences across every channel.

Michelle Parayil
Michelle Parayil
Senior Conversation Designer
Francesco Palma
Francesco Palma
Conversational AI
Austin Bedford
Austin Bedford
UX Designer & Conversation Designer

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