Our mission

Conversation Design Institute trains and certifies the people that make AI Assistants more helpful, human-centric, and successful. Conversation Design Institute believes that AI Assistants…

  • are human-centric and natural
  • are consistent in tone and personality
  • are inclusive in communication and understanding
  • are living algorithms that need parents too
  • interface with humans via chatbots, voice assistants, and virtual beings
  • are the future of interacting with organizations

And lastly: Every bad AI Assistant has a good AI Assistant trying to get out.

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The future of Conversation Design

Just like you cannot imagine a company without engineers today, you cannot imagine a company without conversation designers 5 years from now. Conversation Design Institute estimates that the world needs 5 million people working towards making AI Assistants more helpful, human-centric, and natural.

These people will train language models, design conversations, and turn words into resonating dialogue.

With the rise of conversational AI, there are tremendous growth opportunities for people dedicating themselves to designing, deploying, and managing AI Assistants.

Our offices

Danzigerbocht 45Y,
Amsterdam 1013 AM,
The Netherlands

#677, 1st Floor, Suite No.971
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