AI: Make It Easier But Don’t Dumb It Down

Per Ottosson is a man on a mission. As CEO of Stockholm-based Artificial Solutions, Per wants his clients to be as productive as possible in their AI journeys.


Join host Hans van Dam and Per discuss the challenges organizations frequently face when deciding to incorporate conversational AI. 

It starts with leadership that understands the value of AI and is willing to make the required investments. But then what?

As Per reveals, it’s a road of trial and error that’s been well travelled by now, and there is no longer a need for most companies to start from scratch, or having to make do with off-the-shelf solutions that don’t reflect their brand. Thanks to the solutions provided by a company like Artificial Solutions, the journey is easier than many chief executives might think.

By leveraging internal talent in collaboration with advisors like Artificial Solutions, and by applying concepts like localization and hybrid learning, organizations wanting to get into the AI game can do so more easily and economically than ever before.

Per also discusses the challenges of operating in multilingual environments, and provides some case studies that reveal solutions to irritating-yet-all-too-common problems, like AI that clumsily translates language with no nuance or context. (At present, Artificial Solutions works with 86 languages.) 

He also discusses how AI technology needs to be flexible to adapt to cultural, linguistic, and even generational differences.

Essentially, it’s about making AI easier to use, while keeping it engaging and relevant: a challenge that Per Ottosson and Artificial Solutions are passionate about, and a discussion you’re sure to enjoy. 

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  • 02:17 Per’s background.
  • 03:24 AI disappearing as a concept.
  • 06:01 It’s like a bowling alley.
  • 07:24 Your AI needs to come from within.
  • 09:52 Be prepared to make the investment.
  • 11:05 Leadership.
  • 22.55 Multilingual environments.
  • 29:10 Hybrid learning.
  • 43:00 Don’t dumb it down.