Five reasons why you need conversation AI skills if you’re a UX designer.

Are you a UX designer or UX writer?

 If you are, you’re probably the ideal candidate for learning about conversation design. More than 60% of conversation design professionals have a background in UX – so if you don’t already have it as a skill in your design tool kit, read on, we’ll tell you why you need it.

UX designers are the conversation AI workforce of the future. Pretty soon, conversational AI will be a foundational part of the skills needed to delight customers.

Chances are, you already spend your days understanding and mapping user behavior and design patterns and principles, which means you’re experienced in creating interfaces that are easy and intuitive to use. Great communication is a huge part of that puzzle, and adds value to a brand, helps delight customers and ensures smooth operations.

In order to design the best chatbot dialogues, it means creating conversations between the technology and the person - deciding what it will say in response to different questions from a human being, and how it will say it. It requires thinking about the different questions that the chatbot might receive and how it should provide a response and then writing the scripts. It perfectly marries the technical chatbot programme with your creative skills in communication.

Conversation AI skills therefore complete the skill set that allows ease of navigation, delivering the right information at the right time – but importantly, with the human touch to make it more engaging.

Here are five reasons why you need conversation AI skills if you’re a UX designer and want to create chatbots or voice assistants.

  1. It helps improve user engagement and experience.

    When a conversation interface delivers a more personalized, empathetic, and interactive experience, it improves customer engagement which is what being a UX designer is all about. Those who are skilled in conversation design can create chatbot interfaces that are tailored to the needs and preferences of the user, which further improves engagement and drives successful business outcomes.

  2. It’s becoming the norm.

    Conversation interfaces are becoming more widespread. We see them being used across many different platforms and devices, including chatbots to voice assistants - customers expect to interact with progressively more companies through these interfaces. By training UX teams in conversation design, they are better able to design chatbots that meet the needs and expectations of users.

  3. It’s a unique skill to have.

    Conversation design is a unique skill to have beyond the traditional skills of a UX designer. It provides understanding of how users communicate and how to design a conversation flow that feels completely natural and intuitive. By learning conversation design, UX designers will have the skills to create engaging and effective conversation experiences with chatbots for stakeholders. 

  1. It helps customer services.

    Probably the most prolific use for AI is in customer service chatbots where it can drive efficiencies and help bring down case resolution time dramatically. By training in conversational design, UX designers can design self-service interfaces that address customer queries and concerns, deliver personalized responses, and ultimately lead to better, more efficient satisfaction and loyalty.

  2. To drive innovation.

    Conversation interfaces are still relatively new – it’s an emerging discipline, so there is a lot of scope to add value in terms of innovation. UX designers can bring fresh approaches to delighting the customer and are trained to think creatively and iteratively, which is essential for developing effective conversation designs. They can prototype and test different conversation flows for chatbots to determine what works best for users and refine it based on feedback.

If you want to improve user experience, communication with stakeholders is at the heart of that – and conversational AI skills a necessary part of the UX designers tool set.  

Where do I begin with conversation design?

We often get asked where to begin and there are several resources available to you to decide, whilst considering which part of conversation design suits your skill sets the best.

If you go to the CDI website, you can follow these steps to find what you’re looking for.

Begin with the Introduction to Conversation Design
If you’re unsure about what conversation AI entails, what it means and what’s required to make chatbots and voice applications, then start with the introduction to conversation design. This will provide some further clarity to make sure you know what it’s all about before you commit to any level of learning.

When you’re sure you want to start
If you know that you’re in the right place and you really want to begin learning the skills you need to make a career from conversation design, then start with the Conversational AI workflow course. This is for functional team members, but it’s also for product owners and stakeholders within your business.