Where to start with conversation design

Are you embarking on a career in conversation design?

If you want or have already decided you’d like a career in conversation design, but you’re not sure where to start, then you’ve come to the right place. We can help you!

 Our courses provide everything you need to create human-centered and inclusive AI systems that engage with customers and deliver the best customer experiences.

 Where do I begin?

We often get asked where to begin and there are several resources available to you to decide, whilst considering which part of conversation design suits your skill sets the best.

If you go to the CDI website, you can follow these steps to find what you’re looking for.

Begin with the Introduction to Conversation Design.

If you’re unsure about what conversation AI entails, what it means and what’s required to make chatbots and voice applications, then start with the introduction to conversation design. This will provide some further clarity to make sure you know what it’s all about before you commit to any level of learning.

When you’re sure you want to start

If you know that you’re in the right place and you really want to begin learning the skills you need to make a career from conversation design, then start with the Conversational AI workflow course. This is for functional team members, but it’s also for product owners and stakeholders within your business.

This will provide an understanding of how to build a strategy and what the step-by-step process is to create the best chatbots and voice applications.

Are you a conversation designer or AI trainer?

It’s at this point that your skills come into play. Are you a conversation designer, or are your talents more akin to AI training? How do you know?

  • Conversation designers tend to be people with a background in user experience design, content management, and writing. They are the people that focus on the words produced by the chatbot or the voice app. Do you want a career in creating those words? If you do, then you should choose ‘conversation designer’.

  • On the other hand, AI trainers are people that focus on cognition - on a system's ability to understand what people say. There's a little more technical skills and data involved so you start creating intent, and using training phrases to train the model to respond the way that customers will best engage and respond.

Working in harmony, conversation designers and AI trainers can deliver the very best chatbots and voice apps.

 If you need guidance on where to start take a look at the video below from our founder Hans van Dam explaining which course may be best for you.