Copywriter… but Conversational!

Anna Gregorczyk is a professional copywriter at Hewlett Packard.  When she completed her Conversational Copywriter course, she offered to write a review of the course which CDI could share with our future students.

In her review, she outlines some of the key learning takeaways as well as what she most liked about the course.

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Now to Anna: 

Great Training at CDI

It is fantastic that Conversation Design Institute offers such valuable courses for people fascinated with chatbots and voicebots.

When cracking into the job almost 2 years ago I noticed several companies offering different types of training. Some of them do not exist anymore. This proves that CDI is in the good shape and provides the value added. They offer many courses, expert classes and recordings of subsequent Festivals. The amount of valuable content grows and grows and I feel that there is not enough time to keep up with pace.

Conversational Copywriting

I’m so happy that I have just finished the Conversational Copywriter course. Copywriting has been my passion for more than 20 years, so to adjust my skills to needs of bot conversation was one of my goals.

There won’t be spoilers but let me share with you some impression of abundance of information I got. The whole course is split in 2 parts. The first part focuses on Increasing Motivations of customers interacting with our bots. From the course you can learn 17(!!!) ways of influencing your stakeholders.

Influencing Your Customer in 17 ways

Do you remember the time when you were a child? Did you want something from your parents? What were the approaches you’ve taken to achieve what you needed?

Now, imagine a bot that has a goal to fulfill the needs of the customer while bringing the profits to the company. To be successful in such task, it is good to influence the user behaviour so it becomes profitable for the bot owners. The only condition – the user must be kept happy. 


Real-Life Examples

Our bot can express happiness before our customer will do, or may try to speed up consumer actions. It is easy to notice that many of us expressed a lot of mentioned behaviors among our relatives, friends, spouses or authorities. But – very often we acted spontaneously.

The course allows you to name each behavior, understand its purpose, when to use it and how to do it properly. What I really like were the bad and good examples. Thanks to them the training participants can experience what really influences customer behavior and what is neutral or what will be rejected. 


Proved Structure

Obviously, every dialogue should have a proper structure proposed by the Ancient Greek Philosopher and used by contemporary writers, copywriters, storytellers, and screenwriters.


Enriching Bot Personality

The second part of the course consists of 6 advice about how to enrich your bot personality. This can be done in fun, surprising, light, seasonal or casual style. The only condition is: No matter what way you’ll choose, it must match the bot's personality and the company brand.

After every part, I was able to test my knowledge. Each of 25 topics had its own set of questions. Course participants are allowed to retake the test until they decide they’ve learned the content.


What I enjoyed most

The granularity of the explanation of which copywriting technique should be used in which part of the conversation and examples of good and bad writing are things that I appreciated the most. It is smart to learn from own mistakes, but sometimes it is even smarter to learn from the mistakes of others. 



This course teaches how to avoid common conversation flaws for which we do not like so many chatbots around us. 

To whom I recommend it

I know that in some companies, there is no budget for having several people or even 1 person for each role. There are often situations where programmers are to design chatbots, and they are fantastic from a technical perspective. Still, they may not necessarily feel how to write chat messages engagingly. 

Copywriters who want to get into the Conversation design field may learn which techniques they are using daily may be more useful when designing a flow for a virtual assistant. And obviously, everybody who wants to crack in to the world of chatbots and voice bots and loves to write but has no idea about theory is more than welcome on this course.

Thanks for your review Anna!

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