How to Empower yourself as an AI Trainer w/ ChatGPT

This week we hosted our 4th expert class of 2023, with Hans van Dam and guest lecturer Willem Don, AI Trainer at CDI Services. It was an insightful real-world look at how an AI Trainer uses Chat GPT. It was great to see you all, you helped us break an attendee record, with 700 signups.

During class, you learned how LLMs like ChatGPT can be used to accelerate the AI trainer workflow. In his presentation, Willem discussed the various ways in which LLMs can help to streamline the training process and enable trainers to create more sophisticated and effective conversational AI systems in a significantly shorter amount of time than traditional approaches.


How LLMs can help you right now

LLMs like ChatGPT can speed up your workflow, however, it can't fully replace your position.

Remember "Go slow to go fast." 

Start with automating separate tasks, and work your way towards more revolutionary steps. 

Small, targeted experiments help you can your team prepare and participate in upcoming big shifts and revolutions. See below a visual explaining the risk/reward of using LLMs. 



Using CDI as a resource

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