Festival Agenda: How to Win at Conversational AI

December 2022 UPDATE: The 4th Edition of the CxD Festival "Make AI Speak Human" is coming your way in January 2023. Read more on our announcement blog here.


We are right around the corner from holding the third iteration of our CDI Festival. Our theme is centered around how you can win at #ConversationalAI! 

But there isn’t just one way. 

Our agenda is broken down into several categories on how Conversational AI is utilized to win across various businesses and industries.  

See the Full Day 1 & Day 2 Schedule below! More updates to come.
Times are listed in Central European Time (CET).

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Day 1 Agenda:  

The first day of the Festival will be our main day. Filled with Keynotes, Firesides, and Q&A sessions, you’ll learn from individuals who lead Conversational AI Teams, CEOs, different enterprise solutions & more! 

We will begin promptly at 9.00 CET on Tuesday, June 28th and at the day’s end, you will possess an understanding of Conversational AI at a high level and see how rapidly it will be evolving in the future and how much of it is already a part of our daily life. 

There will be scheduled breaks in between subjects so you’re able to stay fresh and alert and not miss anything!

Day 1 is broken down into 7 different subjects which you can explore below. 

Festival 3 - Trends

9.00 - 9.10: Opening Words

Hans van Dam

We're back for the third time and Hans will open up the Festival with some welcome messages & Introductions! 


9.10 - 9.40: The Rise of Avatars and Implications for Conversational Design

Martin Hill-Wilson

Avatars with full facial animation are now entering the virtual assistant space replacing their static 2D predecessors. Organizations can now offer customers and colleagues a huge range of human and non-human choices with which to engage. How do they compare with 'usual' bot experiences and what do they uniquely introduce into conversational dynamics? This presentation from Martin Hill-Wilson is based on an in-depth discussion he moderated with the VP of Engineering at Speech Graphics and Director of Innovation at Capita Experience.

9.40 - 10.00: Using Hollywood Techniques for Conversation: The Power of Good Storytelling  

Guy Gadney

Engagement levels can be radically increased by adding narratives and stories to conversational AI. This series of case studies will show how the Charisma.ai platform is being used by Hollywood studios and brands to build stories around digital humans, making them more relatable, trustworthy and engaging.

10.00 - 10.20: To Bot, or Not to Bot

Kim Körber

How do you find out if you should start a bot project in your company? What are the stumbling blocks along the way and what is the best way to get started? What does a suitable approach look like?

10.20 - 10.30: BREAK

Get up & stretch, grab a cup of coffee or a quick snack and buckle in for the next group of sessions! 

Festival 3 - Strategy


10.30 - 11.00: How to Find the Right Fit, Before building with Conversational AI 

Line Juul Nørgaard

This talk will focus on creating an awareness of the choices you make during a conversational AI implementation and what trade-offs you will be making. It goes into topics such as:

  • Finding automation principles 
  • Finding a suitable focus for automation 
  • Finding the right technology & vendor

11.00 - 11.30: The Business Perspective on Conversational AI 

Paul Leeuwis

Paul will address the economic drivers that should lead companies in their decisions around conversational AI.

11.30 - 12.00: Digital Twins - Friend or Foe? 

Fran Fish

Digital twins are moving into our world (or are we moving into theirs?). How can we use digital twins to create great conversations? What kind of potholes and bars do they present? 

12.00 - 12.30: From Fulfillment to Negotiation 

Rui Teimao

What are the social, economic, ethical and psychological impacts of conversational AI? In this session we'll describe the research we carried out to investigate this question, look at a selection of the findings, and share how we updated our conversation design methodology as a result.

12.30 - 12.40 BREAK  

Now that we've gotten underway, this is the perfect time to visit a booth or hop into our networking area. Or get up for another stretch and grab a quick snack to energize yourself for our next round! 

Festival 3 - 1enterprises1


12.40 - 13.10: Ask Archie - Time to Thrive


I will be walking the audience through the journey my team have been on when implementing a chat bot for all internal colleague support. I'll share stats, key learnings and how we have managed to win colleague advocacy

13.10 - 13.40: How Dior merged Influencer Chatbot with Personalized Marketing Automation - Implemented by Infobip on WhatsApp 


An unusual combination, maybe first of its kind, is at the crossroads of marketing automation, luxury brand ambassadors, exclusive personalized content, and with an intent-based chatbot embedded.

How was it implemented? For how many days were most users engaged? What does it mean for the future of brand engagement on conversational platforms?

Join us in a fireside session with an Infobip team member who was responsible for the conversation design.

13.40 - 14.10: TOBi Q&A Session


This session will be a Q&A featuring Ilaria Di Donfranceso Product Owner at Vodafone answering questions about the latest at Vodafone! 

14.10 - 14.40: Leveraging the Power of Conversation with Google Business Messages

Rebecca Bright

Introducing Google Business Messages:

  • The What
  • The Why
  • The How

14.40 - 14.55: BREAK  

Get up & stretch, grab a cup of coffee or a quick snack and buckle in as we'll be heading into the Teams portion of our main event! 


14.55 - 15.15: Conversational Collaboration 

Ronald Ashri & Maaike Coppens

Fireside Chat: Successful conversational project management, from design to development, and beyond.  

15.15 - 15.35: Understanding What the Machine Understands  

Benoit Alvarez

In this session, Benoit will explore how to understand how NLP engines behave, understand how to “teach” them, typical mistakes made, and best practices in training models.

15.35 - 15.55: How to Make your Bot Understand 

Willem Don

Many bot projects struggle with matching customer questions to the right dialogues. Willem tells the story of how he learned about the proper tools and workflow to tackle this challenge. Let’s make your bot understand!

15.55 - 16.15: The 15 Shifts in Architecture Everyone Should be Aware of   

Cobus Greyling

One could argue that traditionally chatbots or conversational AI agents, are constituted by a four-pillar architecture.

This architecture is very much universal across commercial chatbot platforms; being: 

  • Intents (NLU), Entities (NLU),
  • Bot Responses (aka Script / Bot Dialog) and
  • State Machine (Dialog) Management.

The movement in the marketplace is not to deprecate one or more of these pillars but to blur the lines between them. We are seeing a merging of sorts, especially with dialog or script management interfaces. Dialog state management components are being added to NLU and more...

Scrutinizing the Gartner and CDI report on the current state of Conversational AI ecosystems and frameworks, here are 15 shifts in architecture everyone should be aware of.

16.15 - 16.30: BREAK  

This next subject is one you CAN'T MISS.  We heading into our Enterprise Solutions category and have a group of powerhouses, including Microsoft, Salesforce, Voiceflow and more! Grab your coffee or energy snack and buckle in! 

Festival 3 - Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions: 

16.30 - 17.00: CDI 

Conversation Design Institute

Hans van Dam will discuss the CDI Workflow, the Integral Perspective on conversational AI, and of course do give some updates on new course materials.

17.00- 17.30: Microsoft's New Conversational AI Authoring Canvas  


Learn how Microsoft is taking bot building to the next level with fusion teams. This includes an all-new unified authoring canvas for professional and citizen developers which brings the power of Azure Bot Framework Composer and Power Virtual Agents together.

We will cover all of the new features, including rich response authoring, Power FX integration, speech authoring, telephony support and more, allowing you to model more natural conversations.

17.30 - 18.00: Diversity & Inclusion in Conversation Design


Diversity and Inclusion are the way of the future - we see many businesses swiftly responding to customer needs around representation and validation of historically underrepresented minorities in the business setting. This is even more evident when the user interface for business tools is LANGUAGE itself. At Salesforce, our top value is Trust, closely followed by Customer Success. 

When it comes to Conversational AI, in order to build trust, users need to feel heard by the product, and thereby represented in the data on which the product is trained, and their inclusion and adoption of the experience helps drive customer success. Join this fireside chat to learn how Diversity and Inclusion are positioned at the center of Salesforce's conversational AI strategy for the better success of its customers.

18.00 - 18.30: How Mature is your Conversational AI Workflow?   


Teams need to scale their conversational AI channels to meet sky-high customer expectations. The problem? Many don't know how mature their current process is or have the tactics for quickly leveling up as a team.

In this keynote session, Braden Ream, CEO at Voiceflow, will share a conversational AI maturity model, including tactical examples from the leading teams he's working alongside daily. Attendees will get the tools to

  1. Understand how mature they are based on their current workflow
  2. Learn how they can quickly mature across their conversational channels.

18.30 - 18.45: BREAK  

We've covered a lot of material thus far, including Trends & Strategy as well as how Enterprise Solutions tackle issues with the use of Conversational AI experiences.  Now, let's jump into the Need for Standards and how CAI can transform user experiences.  

Festival 3 - Community & Standards

Community & Standards: 

18.45 - 19.05: How to Get a Job in CxD

Jason F. Gilbert 

Conversation design is a design language based on human conversation.

The role of a conversation designer is like that of an architect, mapping out what users can do in a space, while considering both the user's needs and the technological constraints. 

Let's look at how you can get a job in this space! 

19.05- 19.25: How to Win at Conversational AI   

Falene McKenna

The way to win at conversational AI is to keep learning and maintain standards of knowledge and development, and to do so by taking courses through the CDI. 

19.25 - 19.45: How Conversation Design is Transforming the Future of Women's Health 

Helena Rodemann

For far too long, female health has been overlooked, ignored, and under-researched. For decades, the medical profession has considered ‘man’ and ‘male’ as the default human being, rendering women and other gender-diverse bodies as the exception, the deviation. Deficient.

Conversation design is here to change that. At scale, and worldwide. By helping women harness the power of their body signals, conversation design has the power to transform and build a better future for female health – for everyone, everywhere. 

19.45 - 20.05: Game Show 

Conversation Design Games

Test your knowledge and win prizes. Go head to head with the best in Conversational AI and be crowned as Conversation Design Champion 2022. 

Festival 3 - Use Cases

Use Cases: 

20.05 - 20.25: Building a Bot Team


Building a chatbot from scratch is exciting, and building a team around it is just as important. In this Q&A session, Zendesk's Chatbot team will discuss how they built a team around a tool.

Learn from how they identified human resources needs and found and fostered talent to fill those gaps, built relationships across the company while carving out a new space for the team, and built systems and processes to keep a multidimensional project moving forward.

20.25 - 20.45: It's Dangerous to go Alone! Take This: Building Allies to Build Teams 

Intuit & Highmark Health

Brian Smith & Megan Hopkins Fireside Chat: 

Do you often find it challenging to gain buy-in and support when building out conversational AI experiences? We do too. Let’s have a candid fireside chat on how to build allies cross-functionally, gain buy-in to scale CUI and overcome the barriers currently faced in the industry.

20.45 - 21.05: Learning from Experts: A Knowledge Informed and Data-Driven Approach to Enhance Conversation Quality 

Headspace Health

In this talk, William will describe a human-centered process to developing conversational intelligence for specialized domains that combines structured knowledge from subject matter experts and data-driven approaches to dialog policy optimization to learn from real world behaviors and outcomes.

21.05 - 21.25: The Evolution of the Smart Home Manager Virtual Assistant 


Raj will discuss the original premise that led to the existence of Smart Home Manager Virtual Assistant and the design principles that helped it evolve into the work horse it is today.

21.25 - 21.45: Personality as a Design Framework

Convo Design II, CDI Services

 What's the fuss about? CDIS' Jasper Klimbie shares his philosophy on 'Personality as a Design Framework' for your conversational AI project. 

Powering Prosperity with Conversational AI & Next Steps

Day 2 Agenda:  

Day 2 of the Festival will begin Wednesday, June 29th at 14.00 CET. 

You'll have the opportunity to participate in interactive workshop sessions from several leading companies in the CAI space who will be discussing best practices, covering relevant use cases & more! 

See who is featured in Day 2 below. 


michelle & tripti

14.00 - 15.00: Multichannel Assistants: Tips, Techniques and Trials! 


Get a quick look into the best practices, practical learnings and the art of building omni channel assistants that can withstand client expectations and provide a stellar user experience.

Haptik has built over 100+ chatbots for companies across domains since 2014. With the advent of the Metaverse, Haptik's omni channels assistants have become a key part of the platform.

In this 1-hour workshop, Haptik's Conversation Design Managers, Michelle Parayil and Tripti Nagpal will talk about the practical realities of planning, building and shipping a commercial multi-channel assistant and shares lessons the team has learnt along the way while building assistants for Web, WhatsApp, Facebook and more.



15.00 - 16.00: Inclusivity in Conversation Design for WhatsApp


How might we improve our design efforts, by identifying exclusivity and to build better conversations that are more inclusive of people with different abilities.

With the ever increasing need to build more inclusive design solutions, designing conversations that include a spectrum of people’s abilities is a necessity to not only help them with their tasks but to provide emotionally positive experiences. To build more inclusive conversations we shall look at how we, as conversation designers, could build experiences that avoid exclusion and mismatched interactions in the world of chatbots.


jurgen & Martin

16.00 - 17.00: 4 Lessons In Conversation Design from the Real World

CDI Services

In this 1-hour interactive workshop, CDI Services will discuss common mistakes and share best practices how design human-like conversations.

17.00 - 17.30: BREAK 

We're just about halfway through our workshop sessions but still have a few more to go.  Take a quick break to stretch & get ready for the next set of workshops! 


17.30 - 18.30: Best Practices for Envisioning and Designing Conversation Design with Power Virtual Agents


Come join Microsoft’s Conversational AI Design team to learn how to envision and build engaging conversational bots.  In this session, expect to learn about the top conversational design tips and how design can drive adoption within your organization and/or users.


tara + zoran

18.30 - 19.30: How to Launch Great Assistants faster with a better Team Collaborative Workflow


Because better conversational AI assistants start with better team collaboration and design processes. Come join the Voiceflow team to learn how to modernize your workflow- from design, prototyping, user testing, development and launch. In this interactive session, we’ll be sharing frameworks and actionable advice from leading brands on how CAI teams can collaborate better to make great conversational AI experiences for consumers. 


Prepare to get your hands dirty with a surprise challenge at the end! 



19.30 - 20.30: Introducing the Conversational Engineering Course 


Leading through the curriculum and the highlights of the Conversational Engineering Course and the Future of the Conversational Stack.


marlinda + jason

20.30 - 21.30: Diversifying your Intent Training Library


Many chatbots to this day, are still linguistically biased. To combat this, we must diversify the linguistic data we use to train our bots. In this talk, we will cover the methodology we used to grow our diverse intent training data library.

Learn How to Win at Conversational AI with the CDI Foundation! 

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