Implementing better CX with Generative AI

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In a recent webinar, Pernille Hansen explored the transformative potential of generative AI in enhancing customer experiences. The webinar, focused on better customer experience (CX) through AI implementation, and shed light on the changes in automating and humanizing interactions on a global scale.

Hansen demonstrated practical use cases illustrating how generative AI can automate up to 60% of digital support channels, ultimately enhancing overall customer experiences. Notably, the technology's capability to create original content, spanning text, images, and videos, is anticipated to drive its market value to an impressive $110 billion by 2030.

A segment on AI trust and generative AI shed light on the positive reception of customers toward interacting with generative AI in customer support settings. Pernille highlighted that generative AI bots require no extensive training, achieving up to 60% automation rates, thereby reducing the effort required for maintenance. The discussion further emphasized improving adoption by removing limitations on automatable processes, consolidating all teams into one bot, and delivering visible ROI to customers.

The webinar explored how AI tools provide valuable insights into customer support issues, enhancing job satisfaction for support agents and enabling them to address complex needs. Generative AI was positioned as a tool to streamline bot setup time and facilitate personalized, human-like conversations with customers. Demonstrations showed the process of connecting a bot to a knowledge base, configuring its persona, and personalizing responses based on user data. 

This session further addressed real-world success stories, like that of connecting jobseekers with businesses, showcasing the tangible impact of innovative technology in reducing misunderstood messages by 64% in only three months. The discussion underscored the importance of identifying knowledge gaps and improving articles to enhance generative AI responses.

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