NLU Design: Never ignore what your technology and users are telling you

Last week's expert class was presented by Stephen Broadhurst from HumanFirst ai, one of the partners that CDI work with closely.

The webinar, NLU Design: Never ignore what your technology and users are telling you was attended by over 100 industry professionals across all job functions who were able to gain some valuable insight into the subject and the recording is now available to watch again online if you missed it.

Some key points covered included:

  • How we often leave out the target AI technology from the discussion when we are designing our AI conversations.
  • Bringing your AI technology into the room when you are designing conversations.
  • How to use your human chat, transcripts, or website queries to rapidly understand the user needs along-side your user centric design approach.

As part of the webinar Stephen showed:

  • Hands-on examples of how we can design conversations that the AI also understands
  • How can we be sure that our understanding and the AI’s is the same for complex business subjects, and
  • How can we design conversations based on what the user wants to do and how they express it, rather than what the organisation thinks it should provide and how it refers to them internally.
  •  An end-to-end example of how to quickly create a comprehensive set of user needs across 10,000 conversations

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