Why AI Needs UX: Let’s Get Conversational

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As a UX-writer, you have been working at the forefront of technology. You are usually part of a product team with great talent and ambition. Your role is to zoom-in on the user and to make the product come to life... With words.

And now, your writing skills are more and more needed in the world of conversational AI. Chatbots and voice assistants are desperate for your attention. They need your dedication to user experience to become more natural, helpful, and persuasive.

Why? Most chatbots and voice assistants are currently being created by developers. These developers are mainly focused on engineering and do not always have the skills to develop good user experience. Therefore, most conversational experiences are not that great.

The current applications of conversational AI – but also the Internet of Things in the future – show that there is a need for some seriously good writing. It proves that there is a new role in the industry that we need to take seriously, which is the role of the conversation designer.

In other words: AI needs words. AI needs conversation design. AI needs you.

Recognizing conversation design

We need to recognize, develop, and promote the role of the conversation designer if we want to have good conversational experiences. Experiences that establish trustworthy and meaningful relationships between humans and AI. It is possible if we take conversation design seriously. And that is where you come in.

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As a UX-writer, you already have the skills that a conversation designer needs. You know about user research and zooming in on user-centricity. All you need is a method that allows you to apply lots of those techniques to a new interface. You can learn this method and many more conversation design writing techniques in…

The Conversational Academy

In Conversation Design Institute's Academy, you learn from leading experts in the field of Conversation Design. The hands-on methods will make you understand how to create the most valuable and meaningful experiences for any company and user.

As a conversation designer, you are basically designing conversations between humans and robots. And since one has an artificial brain and the other has a human brain, you need to understand psychology, technology, and language.

Then you need to make them all work together in a minimal interface, like chat or voice. It is not always easy, but it is a lot of fun! And if you do it well… You are creating valuable user experiences and products. As a UX-writer, that should be right up your alley.

Get conversational

Let’s be honest, most chatbots and voice assistants are now not very natural or helpful. Companies struggle to unlock the potential of conversational AI. AI can do all kinds of clever stuff, but so far not many people have experienced it in chatbots and voice assistants.

This is because most companies focus on engineering and AI, and there is little emphasis on the user experience. It is time we turn this around, it is time we get conversational!

Since AI touches everything and everyone, we cannot let it lie solely in the hands of engineers. This quickly growing industry needs designers with a radical human-centric approach to ensure the potential of conversational AI can be unlocked, and can truly be valuable. AI is all around us, and AI needs UX.

Conversation Design Training

If you are already working in the field of UX, then you only need to be caught up with the conversation design process and conversational copywriting techniques. And that is thus exactly what you will be learning in the Conversation Design Institute's Academy.


Make a worthy investment by joining the online conversation design course and help to shape and evolve this emerging field. Start creating better relationships between people and AI today.