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RMIT's College of Vocational Education and Conversation Design Institute (CDI) deliver jointly accredited conversational AI skills programmes to Australian learners

RMIT University's College of Vocational Education and the Conversation Design Institute (CDI) have partnered to provide a unique programme that provides reskilling and upskilling for roles in the growing conversational AI industry.

RMIT is Australia's leading global university of design, technology, and enterprise with a track record for providing practical education for emerging technologies that shape the future of work.

CDI is the world's leading training and certifier for people in conversational AI and expert in the standards that create human-centric conversational AI.

Enterprises that value CDI training and certificates

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The CDI Courses

The Conversation Design Institute provides practical conversational design courses and certifications, including chatbot and voice design, that are highly respected in the industry. Their focus on real-world applications is particularly valuable for enterprise AI teams, enabling their graduates to make an immediate impact within their organizations.

Resources and Downloads

Conversation Designer

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In-depth resources about best practices, strategies and toolkits to implement.



Monthly expert classes with the biggest names in Conversation Design & CAI.


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How conversational banking will help deliver a better customer journey. 

Education Platform

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CDI's Education Platform is the hub for your team's learning journey.