AI Trainer Course Syllabus


Learn how to turn data into understanding. In this course, you will focus on how to train language models, implement dialogues, and continuously improve the performance of AI assistants.

The AI Trainer turns data into understanding. You take human-centric designs from your team members and implement them in the Assistant. During implementation, you add training phrases to help the Assistant understand people and serve the right dialogue or action. Once the dialogues are live, you analyze data and continuously improve the Assistant’s cognition. And, you will identify new intents that people will expect the Assistant to address.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Conversation Design Workflow 
  • Principles of natural language understanding 
  • Entity extraction 
  • Intent scoping 
  • Understanding analytics 
  • Improving cognition by testing
  • Technical metrics like accuracy and precision 
  • Business metrics like containment and CSAT

And more! 

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