Increasing profits in Financial Services using Conversational AI

Learn Conversational AI skills with RMIT University’s College of Vocational Education and Conversation Design Institute

CDI Learning for Business is the World Leader in the development and delivery of conversational AI training courses for the financial services industry.

By training your UX, Customer Services, and IT teams to develop and optimize AI technologies, such as chatbots and digital voice assistants, you benefit from the following:

  • Increased metrics such as customer engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Easily implemented AI technologies that protect your reputation and relationships
  • Improved productivity and efficiency of customer support teams
  • Trained teams to implement new AI technologies which can handle enquiries 24/7

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RMIT's College of Vocational Education and Conversation Design Institute (CDI) deliver jointly accredited conversational AI skills programmes to Australian learners

RMIT University's College of Vocational Education and the Conversation Design Institute (CDI) have partnered to provide a unique programme that provides reskilling and upskilling for roles in the growing conversational AI industry.

RMIT is Australia's leading global university of design, technology, and enterprise with a track record for providing practical education for emerging technologies that shape the future of work.

CDI is the world's leading training and certifier for people in conversational AI and expert in the standards that create human-centric conversational AI.

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Case Studies

Most companies treat their deployments as tech projects. They buy technology, start training models, make integrations and then find a copywriter to turn their "Lorum Ipsum" into dialogue.

This never works. These companies did it differently together with CDI Learning for Business.


Challenge: ABN Amro worked on its banking chatbot for more
than a year. The team focused on technology but couldn’t
unlock the potential of this technology and translate the
potential into business goals.
Solution: ABN Amro enrolled its entire copywriting team in the Learning for Business and started working with some Conversation Design Institute experts on-site.
Results: A hands-on approach of continuous improvement saw a jump in both recognition of user intent and the accuracy of answers given. The bottleneck of getting a huge amount of content to a disparate user group was solved by making the dialogues easy to navigate, improving the database of utterances, and merging or smartly combining answers.


Challenge: Vodafone has chatbots and voice assistants deployed in multiple countries and languages. Across these markets, it wants to communicate the same brand values and use the same AI Assistant: TOBi. But how do you implement a design strategy on this scale?
Solution: Vodafone enrolled more than 100 designers from different markets into the Conversational Academy.
Results: Vodafone has 100 certified conversation designers working towards automating 1 million live engagements per day. Having a solid workflow and clear responsibilities within the team makes it easy to recruit, hire, and onboard new team members.

Build winning conversational AI teams

At CDI Learning for Business, our Internationally recognised training packages will help your business maximise the benefits of effective conversational design within your chatbots and digital voice assistants.

Our range of courses ensures that your teams:

Can plan and develop the right conversational design strategy & future-proof AI assistants to support your business objectives
Understand how AI can improve NPS Scores across customer service teams
Can use conversation design to reduce costs and deliver a higher-quality service across all areas of your business

Can offer a career path for knowledgeable customer service representatives by upskilling them through conversation design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses conversational AI?

Conversational AI is used by banking and financial services organizations across the globe including ABN AMRO, JP Morgan, NatWest, and many more to improve internal and external communications through chatbots and voice assistants.

Where is conversational AI used?

Conversational AI is used to reduce customer service costs through chatbots and voice assistants to give customers the best answer possible, 24/7. 

Should a customer need more help, the assistant can create a support ticket and assure the customer that their query will soon be addressed by a real person.

By using natural, customer-focused language automated conversations can deliver a great experience and increase customer satisfaction and retention. 

Do you offer free courses?
 If you and your team are not sure if conversational design is right for your business, you can initially sign up to complete one of our free courses on our education platform.
What do we get as part of the training package?

Depending on your individual business requirements, your team will receive:

  • Access to structured learning materials
  • CDI training support consultants during office hours
  • Regular sessions with external experts from the world of conversational AI
  • Video tutorials and live webinars 
  • Internationally recognised certifications
How are courses delivered and monitored?

All our courses are delivered through our learning management system, which provides access to course materials, help, and examinations.

As a business, are we able to monitor team progress?

Yes, we provide regular updates on course progress and recommendations for continual professional development.

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