How Vodafone trained more than 100 conversation designers

Usecase - vodafone

Vodafone is constantly developing a one global AI Assistant named TOBi. It’s TOBi’s mission to help customers with everything that is Vodafone related. Vodafone handles 1 million live engagements per day.

But when you operate in so many countries, with local teams in charge of content and conversation design, how do you ensure proper conversation design? How do you make sure that everybody’s local application of TOBi speaks in the right tone-of-voice, that customers feel comfortable engaging with it, that it’s successful in its key mission of reducing costs while increasing customer satisfaction?

In this use case you will learn:

  • How Vodafone trained 100 conversation designers in more than 20 countries
  • How Vodafone implemented a structured workflow
  • How conversation design teams work more efficient
  • How Vodafone has learned to design high-quality conversations