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  • Time
    3 hours
  • Certificate of completion
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Perfect if you…

  • Are a conversation designer, AI trainer, conversational engineer, project manager, product owner, or business stakeholder
  • Already work in conversational AI and want to increase your confidence in making decisions about ethical challenges that come up in your work
  • Are interested in entering the growing field of conversational AI, and want to learn about ethics from the start of your journey
  • Are part of a team that is committed to creating assistants that model ethical principles in practice, and need more tangible direction to make it happen
  • Want to learn how to incorporate ethical principles into your work process
  • Are interested in adopting an ethical framework, and need an entry point
  • Want to reflect on and enhance your organizational and team-based practices to more closely align with ethics

What you will learn

  • The importance of ethical principles and practices in AI, and the consequences of not incorporating them in your workflow
  • Ethical considerations as they relate specifically to conversational AI
  • The FAST track principles (Fairness, Accountability, Sustainability, Transparency) and how to incorporate them to ensure your projects do not result in harmful impacts to individuals or society
  • An overview of ethical challenges within the conversation design workflow and how to address them, which can be used for reference in current and future projects.
  • Key points in the Conversation Design Workflow that may yield significant social impacts, where targeted consideration of ethics is important

What you will get

  • Introduction to Conversational AI Ethics
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to the CDI alumni network and invites to virtual events
Michelle Parayil
Michelle Parayil
Senior Conversation Designer
Francesco Palma
Francesco Palma
Conversational AI
Austin Bedford
Austin Bedford
UX Designer & Conversation Designer

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Meet your instructor — Cami Rincon

Cami Rincon is an AI Ethics and Governance Researcher at The Alan Turing Institute and a Conversation Design Expert at the Conversation Design Institute. Cami’s work includes the development of AI policy recommendations, educational programs, and public participation engagements.

Cami has been a key contributor to the update of the 'UK Government’s official guidance for AI ethics and governance in the public sector'. Cami’s research into voice AI has been published in the 24th ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and MIT Press (forthcoming), developed into an intensive course for UAL’s Creative Computing Institute, and selected for The New New Fellowship 2021 - founded by Superrr Labs, Bertelsmann Stiftung, the Goethe Institute, and Allianz Kulturstiftung. Cami has taught in multiple online courses including the Turing Commons Responsible Research and Innovation, Public Engagement of Data Science, and AI Ethics and Governance courses, and the Creative Computing Institute’s Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Technology course.


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