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    Rasa supplies conversational AI infrastructure for a global community of developers, providing the tools to build chat- and voice-based contextual assistants. The framework is powered by open source software. Rasa Open Source, Rasa X, and Rasa Enterprise run in production everywhere from startups to Fortune 500s, across industries like healthcare, financial services, retail, and insurance.

  • logo is a leading conversational AI company specializing in building virtual agents that automate customer service and internal support channels, enhance human efficiency and drive revenue through engaging conversations.It offers a solution that is especially well-suited for large enterprises that seek a no-code platform with high quality natural language understanding and the ability to deploy customized projects quickly

    Our client list currently includes more than 100 banks, telcos, financial service, e-commerce, logistics and insurance companies, in addition to numerous public sector organizations from small municipalities to large cities and governmental departments and agencies.

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    Cognigy is a global leader in conversational AI automation for contact centers. Its low-code platform, Cognigy.AI, enables enterprises to automate customer and employee communications using intelligent voice- and chatbots.

    With precise, reliable intent recognition, highly flexible dialogs and seamless integration into backend systems, Cognigy.AI creates superior user experiences, and helps companies reduce support costs and improve scalability. Cognigy.AI is available in SaaS and on-premise environments and supports conversations in any language and on any channel including web, phone, SMS and mobile apps.

    Cognigy’s worldwide client portfolio includes Daimler, Bosch, Lufthansa, Salzburg AG and many more. Our operating region is EMEA, US and APAC. The partnership with Conversation Design Institute makes sure that clients unlock the full potential of our conversational AI platform.

  • logo is a SaaS platform enabling business users worldwide to configure and maintain their own chat - or voicebot in more than 125+ languages. is active inside all different departements with especially strong reference cases within Financial services, Telecommunications and Government. We have packs suitable for starter, enterprise or corporate types of companies. is a 100% product-focused company. While focussing on a future-proof and scalable development of our platform, Conversation Design Institute navigates our customers and provide them with an E2E track providing them with the needed platform and conversational design skills.

  • logo is a conversational AI platform focussed on creating multichannel and multilingual customer service automation solutions. operates mainly in North America and Europe and serves enterprise clients in retail, travel and finance.

    The platform provides a visual bot builder powered by multilingual NLP, handoff and integration scenarios and an integrated chat solution. also provides personal support in the areas of data science, custom NLP solutions and chatbot design.

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    Blits is a middleware platform to create, deploy, maintain and scale multiple bots use-cases, from customer facing to internal. It connects a wide ecosystem of AI Engines and Platforms, and enables switching with the click of a button, to limit vendor lock in.

    Also Blits measures the bot’s performance, helping customers decide which combination of Engines the use-case fits best. Blits includes engines as Google Dialogflow, Microsoft LUIS, Rasa, Wit, IBM Watson, Amazon Lex and others. Blits has its headquarters in Amsterdam but operates in The Netherlands, UK, Germany and Latin America.

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    RingRing is an automated communication platform as a service (CPaaS) that enables faster communication and engagement with customers, partners or employees. To streamline communications, RingRing delivers tailor-made solutions automating conversations with VoiceBots and ChatBots for customer care, sales support, and other cases required by our customers.

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    e-bot7 is the leading Conversational AI platform helping companies manage their digital customer service experience, providing real-time communication via our hybrid Agent+AI solution. Our solution is easy to use, automates responses and processes on different channels and supports agents with AI-based response suggestions – simple, fast and efficient.

    We have acquired more than 100 of the largest corporations within Europe as clients in the last years, including Siemens, Telefonica, Hansgrohe, HDI, ADAC, Reisebank, Miele, Audi, Wüstenrot, RWE, Vaude and many more. Our solution works across different use cases and industries and is of special interest. The Conversational Design Institute is the perfect partner on our mission to simplify Conversational AI and build conversations that customers love.

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    Kare is a conversational AI-based software company that aims to improve the digital experience of customers. Kare's proprietary AI platform uses natural language processing and advanced analytics to turn unstructured data into dialog and respond instantly to customers.

    Given the ability to import or synchronize a company's knowledge (knowledge bases, PDFs, sharepoint) and automatically create and manage relevant dialogues, Kare's platform proves to be a blessing for companies in today's difficult-to-use world of smart virtual assistants.

    What makes the platform really unique is its ability to scale. The solution offers scalable, customer dialogue-based self-service. A client can start at any digital location and build a smart, ready-to-use knowledge base from scratch or by updating outdated information.

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    QBox is one of the conversational AI products of Volume AI ( (headquartered in the UK). It helps to alleviate the many challenges chatbot trainers and NLP data modelers face when bringing high-performing and fit-for-purpose solutions to market.

    QBox reduces the time and effort spent analysing and improving training data, right down to the level of individual word influence. It ensures that your chatbot answers questions with a high degree of accuracy and relevance. This ultimately provides an improved user experience, and significantly increased value from a customers’ chatbot investment.

    Simply put, QBox allows you to deploy and scale better chatbots.

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    Inbenta has developed an Interaction Management Platform that enables organizations to automate interactions with both customers and employees. Thanks to its patented Natural Language Processing technology powered by Symbolic AI, Inbenta's intelligent self-service tools can be up and running in a matter of days, without any data training required.

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    Design and orchestrate all engagement activities across your customer journeys through a scalable, easy-to-use communication platform. Achieve deeper engagement across the widest selection of local and global channels, paired with our contact center, chatbot building platform, and engagement hub.

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    DigitalGenius is the code-free customer experience platform for e-commerce and retail powered by artificial intelligence. Our solution continually learns and evolves from every interaction within our customer network, leveraging more than 50 pre-built use cases, customisable processes and integrations to help make your customers happy. We already support many of the fastest growing brands in the world including ON-Running, G Star, Air Up and many more.

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    Haptik is an Enterprise CX Platform driving the world's transition to AI-powered conversations. It transforms the way businesses interact with consumers, providing a significantly upgraded customer experience. Haptik is a part of the $70 billion Jio Platforms Group, reaching over 100 million devices, and processed over 4B+ conversations. It has helped multiple global brands including KFC, Oyo Rooms, Starhub, HP, Tata Group, Disney Hotstar, OLA, and Zurich Insurance among others, in saving costs and increasing revenue.

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    Voiceflow is a no-code conversation design tool that makes it easy to design, prototype, and launch voice, chat, and multimodal experiences across any channel. A drag-and-drop visual canvas, high fidelity testing, and one-click publishing options alongside a robust API make Voiceflow the go-to for more than 80,000 conversation designers around the world.

    From Fortune 100 enterprise teams collaboratively launching complex chatbots, IVR systems, or even in-car assistants to individual creators building for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to automate parts of their day or level up small businesses, Voiceflow has powered more than 550 million conversations (and counting).

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