Conversation Designer Course Syllabus


Learn the Conversation Design Institute workflow with extra attention to human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, wizard-of-oz testing, and long-tail design. Principles in this course can be applied to every conversational interface.

Conversation Designers focus on human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, user testing, and hand-overs. The Conversation Designer maps the flow of the conversation and turns knowledge into a human-centric conversational flow. They make sure that people feel understood and have a good experience with the chatbot or voice assistant.

In this course you will learn: 

  • Conversation Design Workflow 
  • User Needs & Bot Canvasing 
  • Sample Dialogue 
  • Flowcharting and hand-overs
  • Wizard of Oz Testing 
  • Writing Fundamentals 

And more!

Download the Syllabus for the Conversation Designer Course

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