From the CDI Academy to an Education Platform for Conversation Designers

The Conversation Design Institute is pleased to announce that our industry-leading learning experience is becoming even better. A new and improved online learning platform for all those interested in Conversational AI, Voice Assistants, and becoming conversation designers is going live soon for all active members of our academy. The new platform will soon be available for the full range of free, paid, and enterprise users. For all of you, strive to provide an experience that allows students to learn at their own pace.

Centralized Platform for Conversation Design

Previously our courses, certificates, online event replays, billing, and more were split across different platforms or only accessible through our Support team. With the new and improved education platform, we are unifying as much of our software and technology stack to offer our students a holistic experience under one website.

Conversational AI is one of the most important and fastest-growing fields in technology, and we are proud to be leading the charge in educating the next generation of conversation designers. The new CDI education platform will make it even easier for students to learn at their own pace, with options for personalized feedback from the CDI team and the community.

New Conversational Engineer & Updated Conversation Designer Courses Coming Soon

Conversational flows must be clean, scalable, well-tested, and modular. In the end, the greatest coaching conversations are meaningless unless they've been flawlessly implemented in code. That's why we are excited to have a new course in development: the Conversational Engineer. Students will learn how to shift back and forth between a conversational design perspective and an engineering viewpoint.

And as the Conversation Design Institute matures with its platform, so does what we teach. As with anything conversation design, it is best practice to provide consistent updates. That's why we are starting to record updated courses for the flagship Conversation Designer course. You can help us begin a better course by sharing your experience with CDI courses on this form.

Continue Your Online Learning with Expert Classes & Office Hours

Interact Live with Expert Classes

Mentorship's advantage is that it leapfrogs the learning process. Getting answers to your queries right now will help you grasp and apply Conversation Design principles faster. That is why we have both the new Expert Classes and live Office Hours with CDI to help get ahead more rapidly.

Whether it's about the interaction of AI training and UX Design, or what is the best way to design conversations for any number of organizations, the Expert Classes launched this year are the place to gain valuable and relevant insights that will prepare you for the digital environments. We're bringing conversation design experts from across different industries to provide you with best practices ready to implement.

Get Personalized Feedback in Office Hours

Have more questions after an Expert Class? Want to know how to better serve the users at yours at your organization? Then Office Hours is the place to ask questions covering a broad range of knowledge, best practices, skills, and more that might not be available in our digital learning content.

Hosted by professionals like CDI's co-founder Hans van Dam and consultants from CDI Services. From how much time it takes to build the appropriate language library for your real-world use case or getting ready for a new job, we're happy to answer any and all classes. This is also the perfect place to interact with other students, and hear their CxD use cases.

Video replays will be available for access when enrolled in CDI bundled or All-Access courses. These can be found within a replay course here (link only available for enrolled students).

Conversational Job Board

Ever had trouble finding a Conversation Design job? Or have you had difficulties hiring for your AI trainer role? Available to any and all interesting in developing their career as a Conversation Designer or interested to hire one, the CDI Job Board is integrated into our new platform.

CDI students, whether enrolled in a free or paid course, can make a job profile on the new CDI Education platform. List your universities, subjects of expertise, certifications, and more to present a complete picture of who you are as a conversation designer. When ready, you can make your personalized profile public, and allow potential employers to find you within the CDI platform.

Community Forum for Conversation Designers

We know that not everything can be learned in a class. That's why, next to the live Office Hours, we are offering a forum for discussion in writing. In fact, we know students learn better with instant feedback. That's why we're launching a discussion forum within the new education platform.

Continued Support for the CDI Alumni Network

CDI students come from a range of top universities and leading organizations around the world. It only makes to keep the alumni connected. Our online forum will provide yet another opportunity to further skills and get the most out of this learning platform.

What Students Can Expect As We Migrate

New Students are Automatically Enrolled into the CDI Education Platform

New Conversation Design Institute students will automatically be enrolled into the new Education platform. You'll get started seamlessly into this new learning experience.

If you don't already have an account with the CDI Academy, you can make an account and start to enroll in some of our free courses. If you do already have an account, wait just a little bit longer. It'll be worth the wait.

Migration Will Soon Begin for Existing Students

For existing students, you can soon expect an email with instructions from us to access the new CDI Education Platform. This may include a password reset, and of course, getting accustomed to the new structure. But not to worry, your progress and access to your modules will be unimpeded. You'll just be logging in to a new domain.

Continued Online Support Every Step of the Way

Pardon our dust! With big changes comes much attention to detail. We are rolling out the platform to everyone, but you may still experience some kinks and bugs. 

As always, our Support team is available to talk and chat as we go through this transition to the new platform. You can start a chat on our website at any time, or go to our Contact Us page.

We Welcome Student Feedback

Collecting user research is something we teach & preach, and so it's something we practice as well. Whether you'd like to let us know how we can create even more personalized experiences, improve our learning materials, or which tools you are most interested in, we welcome any feedback. Once again, we invite you to provide course feedback here. This will help us find new ideas to develop for future courses and serve you even better.

Onto a New Chapter with CDI!

We look forward to exploring this new phase of the CDI Education Platform together with you. See you on the platform soon!