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Leading in Conversation Design

Our team of experts is helping organizations around the world design human-centric AI Assistants. They can take on your entire project, work closely with your team, or coach your team in virtual sessions.

Our experts can also assess your current and future team members, benchmark your chatbots and voice assistants, or consult you on a future proof conversational strategy.


Our experts

  • Design, deploy, and manage your chatbot or voice assistant from end to end
  • Review and benchmark your assistant and give you practical tips on how to make it better
  • Train your team in both live and recorded training sessions on mindset, skill set, and technology
  • Coach your team to increase the quality of both your team and AI Assistant faster
  • Source talent that you can skill up and onboard to your existing team
  • Develop a full strategy for delivering value through conversational AI at scale
  • Give keynotes and host meetups to educate your stakeholders to develop a conversational culture

Our experts consult you on conversational strategy, design your conversations, train your language models, and work with your team to support, coach, and edit their work.

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Our team evaluates your current AI Assistant to identify strengths and weaknesses. It paints a good picture of where you stand and where you could go next.

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You need a strong team to make your AI Assistant successful. With this psychological test, we help you screen and source your next team members. Whether they are AI Trainers, Conversation Designers, or Conversational Copywriters.

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CDI is a key partner that has trained our conversation design teams around the world, and help us put design at the heart of customer experience. They are central to everything we do.

Gemma Alvarez Global Product Owner AI Chatbot TOBi, Vodafone

Our Obi Bot platform enables conversation designers to create experiences without writing code. We support Conversation Design Institute since we see great value in having certified professionals that advance the industry.

Frank Chief Operating Officer, OBI4wan

Atos sees conversation design as a crucial component to making our projects successful and creating good customer experiences. CDI enables our clients to gear up to the conversational challenges of today and the future.

Carl Lens Head of New Technology, Atos Digital BTN

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Why work with one of our experts?

If your AI Assistant is talking to thousands of people a day, you want to make sure they all have a good experience. Our experts have designed, deployed, and managed AI Assistants for world's largest organizations and know how to tackle complex use cases.

If you want best practices implemented from day one, then we advise to work with our experts directly.


Who it’s for

If you are using AI to automate conversations with people, then you need to make conversation design important. It doesn't matter if you have a large multi-lingual conversational AI department, or are just getting started with your first chatbot. Our experts have seen it before and are ready to help. From service to sales. From chat to voice.

For teams

If you already have a team in place, then our experts help you unlock your team's potential. With active coaching sessions, project collaborations, and the extra hands when you need them most. Together we make sure we deliver conversational experiences that are a win for both your business and its customers.


Our team

Our experts consult you on conversational strategy, design your conversations and work with your team directly to support, coach and edit their dialogues.

Hans van Dam

Co-founder / Dean of the Conversation Design institute

Olaf Igesz

Co-founder and COO. Responsible for partnerships

Paul Leeuwis

Managing Partner CDI Services

Lucy Soares-Turner

Conversational Expert specialising in plain language and accessibility

Cami Rincon

AI Ethics Researcher and Conversation Designer

Jasper Klimbie

Conversational Expert, Ex Google Assistant NL, screenwriter

Mark Boutros

Conversational Expert, Ex Google Assistant UK and Emmy nominated screenwriter

Maarten Lens-Fitzgerald

Entrepreneur and leading voice expert

Lisa Talia

AI Consultant, Lecturer Goldsmith University

Julian Harris

Advisor Product and Technology, Ex Google

Dr. Maria Aretoulaki

Advisor NLP and ML

Jon Stine

Executive Director The Open Voice Network

Professor Peter Thomas

Global Education Strategist, Director HaileyburyX

Frequently asked questions

We have native certified conversation designers and copywriters for almost every language. Next to that we can get help from our certified partners.

We can, our experts can assess your chatbot or voice assistant based on our workflow, expertise and benchmark it with hundreds of use cases around the world.

Our experts can help your team with coaching, virtual workshops and support hours to make sure they get the best out of their AI projects. It is also possible to have one of our people join your design sprints.

We have a special enterprise package developed for large teams working on multiple challenging projects. Next to course materials and certification for the team it comes with extras such as virtual workshops, coaching and support, team assessment and access to our online community.