• Format:
    On-demand video and tasks
  • Certificate of completion:
  • License:
    Full lifetime access
  • Price:
    $ 30

Perfect if you…

  • want to become certified professional in working with Alan AI’s solutions
  • are a conversation designer or developer new to building voice assistants into any or all apps
  • are passionate about exponentially improving the user experience
  • want to stay updated on rising technology
  • have a basic understanding of JavaScript

What you will learn

  • hands-on experience creating a voice assistant
  • framework of how create custom voice commands
  • templates to conduct effective and insightful user research
  • troubleshooting tools and techniques to debug your voice assistant

What you will get

  • Alan AI course
  • Official Alan AI certification
  • Access to the CDI alumni network and invites to virtual events

What is Alan AI?

Alan AI enables applications and websites to have direct human-like voice conversations with their users by adding a conversational voice UX to any application leveraging the existing UI. Users of these applications can then use their natural voice to ask questions, complete the tasks and workflows.

Alan AI’s innovation of the contextual language understanding, personalized named recognition and smooth dynamic dialogues enables every application with a deterministic voice experience for its users.

Michelle Parayil
Michelle Parayil
Senior Conversation Designer
Francesco Palma
Francesco Palma
Conversational AI
Austin Bedford
Austin Bedford
UX Designer & Conversation Designer

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