• Format:
    3 hours on-demand video
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  • License:
    Full lifetime access
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    $ 119 currently for $ 59

Perfect if you…

  • want to learn about a structured approach to NLP-optimization
  • want to speed up the training of your bot
  • want improve all aspects of NLP accuracy
  • are a AI trainer, Conversation designer, Business analyst, Machine learning expert, Conversational team lead, or looking to become one

What you will learn

  • How to run tests
  • How to analyze results
  • What the common causes are for low model accuracy
  • How you can tweak your confidence threshold
  • How to train your NLP model with a practical workflow

What you will get

  • The QBox course
  • Access to the CDI alumni network and invites to virtual events

About QBox

QBox is a cloud based web application that helps test, understand and fix conversational AI in a matter of minutes. It provides tools that help interpret AI training data and its performance.

Meet your instructor

Alison Houston

Alison Houston is a Data Model Analyst at Volume, the company that created QBox. She helps clients by training their chatbot models to improve accuracy, performance and customer experience.

Michelle Parayil
Michelle Parayil
Senior Conversation Designer
Francesco Palma
Francesco Palma
Conversational AI
Austin Bedford
Austin Bedford
UX Designer & Conversation Designer

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