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    Atos is a leading international IT services company with a client base of international enterprises across all industry sectors. Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future.

    Across the world, the Group enables its customers and employees, and members of societies at large to live, work and develop sustainably, in a safe and secure information space.

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    Lindenbaum is a communications and voice solutions provider operating their services exclusively in the EU. We offer a flexible and user-friendly API and our own telephony platform for voice integration.

    Lindenbaum’s solutions are appreciated by customers in telecommunications, automotive & transport, power & automation, consulting & finances and many other sectors. Our customers are SMEs as well as large listed corporations in Europe and globally active financial service providers and companies with production sites in several countries.

    As Conversation Design Institute offers trainings for future experts in conversation design, they play an integral role for the customization of automated caller dialogs and therefore are an important partner for Lindenbaum.

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    Alternative Character is an enterprise content consultancy with offices in Dubai and Beirut.

    Our services include: Strategy, covering assessment, planning and governance. Development, covering UX writing and marketing content. Operations, covering data management, feedback response and reporting. Clients that we’ve done work for are mostly in the government, financial, retail and healthcare sectors in the Middle East region.

    Our content services are offered in Arabic, English, French and Chinese. We partnered with Conversation Design Institute to extend our Conversational Copywriting offering in line with our strategy to grow and maintain an ecosystem of strategic partners.

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    Crossphase helps large organizations tell their story in a way that strengthens their brand and increases conversion. With our 15+ certified Conversation Designers, we help top brands interact with their customers in the most natural way through their AI Assistants.

    We do this for organizations in sectors such as banking, energy, telecoms, and transportation. If you are looking for an experienced designer within the Benelux certified by the Conversation Design Institute, contact us.

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    NIMA Diplomas represent the standard in marketing knowledge. NIMA is professional member association of people and companies who work in marketing, communication and / or sales. Companies or organizations can also join us.

    We support professionals throughout their marketing and communication with knowledge and skills. We offer a network, master classes & events. With the NIMA diplomas, titles and certificates, we indicate the level of knowledge and work experience of professionals in the field.

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    RingRing is an automated communication platform as a service (CPaaS) that enables faster communication and engagement with customers, partners or employees. To streamline communications, RingRing delivers tailor-made solutions automating conversations with VoiceBots and ChatBots for customer care, sales support, and other cases required by our customers.

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    Presenter is a content organization. They enable content teams to do what they do best, by providing sufficient capacity, the required expertise, the right tools and excellent teamwork. The content specialists and consultants connect with organizations and bring the knowledge and experience that is needed to grow.

    They have been doing this for 15+ years and work mainly in finance, non-profit, automotive and for the government. Their conversation designers create personas, style guides and conversations for AI assistants that not only help your customers more efficiently, but convey your brand message in content, tone and voice.

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    Kocarek GmbH is an experienced translation service provider located in the metropolitan hub that is Essen, Germany. They've been at the heart of the translation industry since 1976, actively partaking in the initiation, implementation and integration of new technology and solutions that carry our industry into the future.

    The team of project managers, in-house translators and computer linguists provide their clients with the full range of professional language management services – from translations and terminology management to desktop publishing and online proofing.

    In 2019, they extended their expertise to the development, deployment, localisation and implementation of chatbots and virtual assistants.

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    Established in 2002, IST has led the way in delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) solutions to a multitude of verticals and organizations worldwide. IST cherry picks the best CX technologies in the marketplace to provide their customers with the most comprehensive, innovative and effective CX solution.

    Today, IST operates globally with a highly skilled workforce specializing in Contact Center (Cloud, Hybrid or on-Prem), Customer Engagement Systems (Cloud or on-Prem), Contact Center Agent Desktops, Speech and Language (Arabic and English), Mobile Transactional Security, Digital Signage, Workforce Management, Workload Distribution, Customer Journey Analytics, Robotics Process Automation, Enterprise Mobile Apps, Customer Feedback Management and many more.

    IST focuses on project delivery and prides itself on quality and innovation. Over the years, IST has completed many projects that many experts said was not possible. As a result, IST is now regarded as CX technology experts and has become the authority on systems integration between legacy and current CX and back end systems.

  • logo is a fast-growing Conversational AI and Data Science consultancy for strategy and delivery of value-driven Enterprise grade Virtual Assistants. The key ingredient is a proven Enterprise maturity model framework encompassing use case extraction, design, development, testing, analytics and roadmap management. Clients include Citigroup, Lowe’s, J&J and other Fortune 100 Enterprises.

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